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Exam Schedule

Welcome to the Spring 2017 Bus 302 LAB. Please review the instructions carefully. You must present a CSUN picture ID plus one other official picture ID (ex: Drivers' license, California ID, Passport) when taking exams.  You are limited to three total attempts to pass any one field exam in the semester.

You must take two exams (any two exams) per session.  Additionally, you must follow all instructions as given by the exam proctors.

You must use the on-line appointment system to book your exam time in advance. Each student will need to sign-in at the lab before the start of a lab session.  On the day of your appointment you must be at the Lab at least 10 minutes before the posted exam time, otherwise, you won't be allowed to take the exams.  This requirement is strictly enforced.

To set up an appointment please go to and register using your csun e-mail address, but use a different password than your csun portal password.  You can have a maximum of 3 active appointments at anytime.  You can cancel your appointment up to two hours before the exam time without a penalty.  A message about the opening will be sent to students on the wait list.  Appointments can be made up to one hour before the exam time (if space is available).

There is a penalty for students who do not show up for their exam appointment.  If students are marked "no show" twice, they will be blocked from making a new appointment for a period of one week.  If they don't show up for the 3rd time, a hold will be placed on their file.  They have to meet with the lab professor and present convincing documentation and evidence to justify their case and file an appeal for removal of the hold.

In the JH 1105 BUS 302L lab, you log into Moodle just as you would log into the CSUN portal (such as when you register for classes, obtain a DPR, etc.). Therefore, you need to know your CSUN portal account and CSUN password.

With respect to Moodle, you can only take your exams while physically seated in JH 1105, but you can view your individual exam scores in Moodle from anywhere online.

There are no exams on academic holidays, Spring Break, or during final exam week.

Additional questions regarding the lab, including the exam arrangements for DRES students, can be discussed with Professor Ali Behnezhad.

The exam schedule for Spring 2017 Gateway Lab (part 2) is shown below. Five schedules will be posted throughout the semester.  The last day of the exams is May 13, 2017.  Plan to take the exams early because toward the end of the semester you may not be able to book an appointment to take the exams due to the high demands.   

Spring 2017 Gateway Lab Schedule (part 2)  JH-1105
338Saturday3/18/201711:00-12:15two exams
348Saturday3/18/201712:30-13:45two exams
358Saturday3/18/201714:00-15:15two exams
(Monday 3/20/17 to Saturday 3/25/17 is Spring Break-- Lab is closed.)
3610Monday3/27/201714:00-15:15two exams
3710Monday3/27/201715:30-16:45two exams
3810Monday3/27/201717:00-18:15two exams
3910Tuesday3/28/201714:00-15:15two exams
4010Tuesday3/28/201715:30-16:45two exams
4110Tuesday3/28/201717:00-18:15two exams
4210Wednesday3/29/201711:00-12:15two exams
4310Wednesday3/29/201712:30-13:45two exams
4410Wednesday3/29/201714:00-15:15two exams
4510Thursday3/30/201712:30-1:45two exams
4610Thursday3/30/201714:00-1515two exams
4710Thursday3/30/201715:30-16:45two exams
4810Saturday4/1/201712:30-13:45two exams
4910Saturday4/1/201714:00-15:15two exams
5010Saturday4/1/201715:30-16:45two exams
5111Monday4/3/201712:30-13:45two exams
5211Monday4/3/201714:00-15:15two exams
5311Monday4/3/201715:30-16:45two exams
5411Tuesday4/4/201714:00-15:15two exams
5511Tuesday4/4/201715:30-16:45two exams
5611Tuesday4/4/201717:00-18:15two exams
5712Wednesday4/5/201714:00-15:15two exams
5812Wednesday4/5/201715:30-16:45two exams
5912Wednesday4/5/201717:00-18:15two exams
6011Thursday4/6/201712:30-13:45two exams
6111Thursday4/6/201714:00-15:15two exams
6211Thursday4/6/201715:30-16:45two exams
6311Friday4/7/201712:30-13:45two exams
6411Friday4/7/201714:00-15:15two exams
6511Friday4/7/201715:30-16:45two exams
6611Saturday4/8/201711:00-12:15two exams
6711Saturday4/8/201712:30-13:45two exams
6811Saturday4/8/201714:00-15:15two exams


Updated March 14, 2017

Students needing extra time or other exam accommodations should contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester in order to arrange for extended time sessions or alternatives. We work closely with the student testing service. Note:  If you do not pass the course requirements, you will need to re-enroll in the class and take all the exams and meet the existing requirements in the semester you retake the class. Take the course seriously. If you do not pass the course in your second attempt, you will NOT be able to get a degree from the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics.