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BUS 302L FAQ's

(1) When do I take my BUS 302L exams?

Please make an appointment through the online system for a particular lab session to take the exam.  Walk-ins will be allowed to take an exam only if there is available space.  You can take two exams in each session. Exams are normally scheduled on week days and Saturdays.

(2) Why can't I take the exam at any time of my choosing?

There are over 800 students enrolled in the class each semester while there are only 30 computers in the exam lab.  Exams are spread out over the entire semester to ensure appropriate time to administer all the exams to all students. .

(3) I took BUS 302L last semester and I did not pass one or more of the exams. What do I do?

You must enroll in BUS 302L again and take the exams again.  Exam scores do not carry over.  If you enroll in BUS 302L a THIRD or subsequent time, you will need permission of the Associate Dean of the David Nazarian College of Business & Economics.  The necessary form is at:

(4) What do I have to do to pass BUS 302L

BUS 302L is graded CR (credit) or NC (no credit).  To receive a grade of CR you must pass six exams.  The exams are in financial accounting, management accounting, macroeconomics, microeconomics, business law, and statistics.  To pass each exam you must correctly answer at least 8 out of 16 questions.  In addition your combined score on all six exams must be 60% (58 points).

(5) Can I retake an exam I failed this semester?

You can take the exams in each of the six fields up to three times in one semester.  That is, you are allowed up to two retakes.  Check the Exam Schedule link in the BUS 302L section of the web site for information on when you can retake an exam.

(6) I took an exam again to increase my score but my score was lower than what I had the last time. What score will you use to compute my grade?

The highest score achieved in each subject area will be used in calculating the grade.  For example, suppose you took the Financial Accounting exam and scored a 5 on the first try, a 9 on the second attempt, and an 8 on the third attempt – the score of 9 will be used in calculating the grade.

(7) If I cannot make it to the exam at my reserved time slot, what should I do?

Please contact your BUS 302L instructor to be excused and send us an e-mail indicating that you will not be taking the exam at the regularly scheduled time.

(8) I am a disabled student. How and when do I take the exam?

If you are entitled to extra time on the exam, or other arrangements please contact contact Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) directly at the beginning of the semester in order to arrange for extra time or other accommodations. 

If you need any further assistance in this matter, please feel free to reach out to the department office by  or, phone 818-677-2470. Department office (BB 3121) Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm 


(9) I am an accounting major. Do I have to take 302L?

All accounting majors who have entered CSUN since Fall 2005 are required to take 302L.  If you were accepted in the major before Fall 2005, you may be exempt.  Please check with your academic advisor or the Accounting Department to see if you are exempt from having to take 302L.

(10) I am enrolled in BUS 302L and have passed all the six exams. Could you tell me how I can get proof of passing the exams?

The computer has a record of your grades and the lab instructor will fill out a grade report at the end of the semester like any other course.  You should also keep your own record of grades before you leave an exam session by noting your grade on the form provided on the BUS 302L section of the web page.

(11) Why was this class developed? What are its objectives?

The Gateway lab (BUS 302L) was developed to improve students’ understanding of basic business concepts and to increase graduation rates in the College.  Professors teaching upper division courses had struggled in the past with inconsistent student understanding of concepts in the lower division core areas.  Mastery of the subjects tested in the Gateway lab ensure understanding of these basic concepts.

The objective of the lab is to review and test lower division core material.  As a result of this review, student performance in the upper division business courses has improved.

(12) I passed my lower division business courses with good grades. Why do I have to take LDC exams again?

One major objective of this course is to change the culture of learning and forgetting.  We expect our students to remember eight to ten key concepts from each subject.  These concepts are used in upper division course work and are lifelong concepts for anyone who is a business major.  For example, the concept of present and future value is something that is used in several upper division courses and is a concept that everyone with a business degree, no matter how long ago, should remember.  Marginal revenue and cost analysis is a fundamental way of thinking about economic and business problems and a business student who forgets these basic principles is unlikely to make a great impression on his or her employer or be successful in his or her job.  To be able to read a balance sheet or income statement is important for any citizen who is trying to understand contemporary events.