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Cohort Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Communication Studies Department! We are honored that you have chosen Communication Studies as your major at California State University, Northridge. The Cohort Ambassadors Program is a student success initiative for first year transfer students enrolled as Communication Studies majors.  The program was developed by the Department of Communication Studies in Spring 2019 to be implemented in Fall 2019. The Cohort Ambassadors Program is a group of students taking courses together using an integrative and multi-modality model. If students follow the course path set for them and pass each course with a C or better, they are guaranteed to graduate with a BA in Communication Studies in two years, with an emphasis in one of the following areas: Performance Studies, Rhetorical Studies or Communication Science.

Current Application Deadline is May 1 of every year.

To be considered for the Ambassador’s Program, complete the Application form by clicking on the link below:

application link for Cohort Ambassador Program

Dr. Sakile Camara
Department of Communication Studies
California State University, Northridge
Northridge, CA 91330-8257

Criteria for Participating

The criteria for participating in this program is as follows:

  1. 2.5 GPA
  2. GE Certified (60 units or more with no lower level GE course work to complete)
  3. Cannot be in 1440 or California PromiseProgram
  4. Select Communication Studies as yourprimary major

Course Listings

The Communication Science emphasis includes the following courses:

  • COMS 301Performance, Language and Cultural Studies 
  • COMs 309 AdvancedPublic Speaking
  • COMS 320 Language 
  • COMS 321 RhetoricalDiscourse
  • COMS 323 GroupCommunication
  • COMS 327 RhetoricalTheory
  • COMS 350 NonverbalCommunication
  • COMS 351Communication Theory
  • COMS 356 InterculturalCommunication
  • COMS 360 Gender andCommunication
  • COMS 431 Persuasion
  • COMS 450CommunicationResearch Methods
  • COMS 451 AdvancedInterpersonalCommunication
  • COMS 452Communication Training and Development
  • COMS 453OrganizationalCommunication

Class Scheduling

If you follow the Communication Science path, courses will be guaranteed each semester to put you on a path to graduation in two years or earlier. You will take a combination of on ground, online and hybrid courses. We will do our best to schedule you Monday throughWednesday or Wednesday through Saturday between 8am and 4pm. You will be able to take your upper level GE in any area of your choosing and at any day and time you choose separate from the cohort.

Application Requirements

Please fill out the Ambassador Application form and respond to the following prompt in a 1 page essay:

Name your favorite Communication Studies concept, theory/theorist(s) or practice and tell us why this is your favorite? Then explain why we should select you as an Ambassador. Finally, tell us how you think this experience, as an Ambassador, will serve you? Submit a one-page essay, single spaced, three paragraphs answering the questions posed.

application link for Cohort Ambassador Program

Disqualification Rules

If you violate the Ambassadors agreement( i.e., withdraw from courses), you will no longer be eligible to participate in the program and you will no longer be guaranteed seats in the CommunicationScience course path. Details of other cohort violations appear at the end of the application.

Contact Us

Contact us at (818) 677-2797