Communication Studies

CAPSS Program Application

Instructions: This application must be fully completed for consideration. Applications are due on May 1 at 11:59 PM, PST.

Are you a First-Generation College Student?
Note: First-Generation students are those who report that neither parent attended any college. This definition excludes students who report that their parents attended college (but did not graduate) as well as students whose parents' education is unknown.
Which academic pathway do you prefer?
Are you planning to declare a minor?
I am a Pell Grant recipient.
My commute time to school will typically be ___.
Program Criteria Acknowledgment
I agree to the following in order to be admitted and stay in the program: 1. Stay enrolled in assigned communication studies courses 2. Maintain a C+ average or higher each semester in all classes 3. Attend mid-semester check-in with CAPSS advisor each semester 4. Attend tutoring or meeting with writing center, if instructed by CAPSS advisor 5. Attend CAPSS events (i.e. networking, professionalization, social, or study groups) 6. Maintain professional conduct with all instructors (please note that the cohort directors will check-in with each Communication Studies instructor throughout the semester) 7. Respond to emails or other communication with CAPSS advisors within 48 hours 8. Send a copy of grades to CAPSS Directors or upload to CAPSS Canvas page at the end of every semester (Directors will advise how to submit) 9. Complete feedback forms at the end of every semester
By typing my name above I understand that not meeting the above criteria can result in my removal from the CAPSS Program. I also understand that I will need to email my most recent transcripts (unofficial or official) to for my application to be considered complete. I agree to allow program personnel to view my transcripts for advising purposes.