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Performance Ensemble

Performance Ensemble works in collaboration to generate, stage, and present original performances for a variety of audiences. These performances may include original scripts, poetry, prose fiction, nonfiction, and oral histories. This work will be dedicated to cultivating social justice and to creating a safe, inclusive, and creative space for developing and showcasing your talents.

Performance Ensemble logoThis program is designed as a workshop. Each week we will gather and work with/around a theme, a performative mode or context, and/or a specific performance project. You do not have to be a trained or experienced performer to participate. You must, however, be committed to exploring how performance allows you to develop, refine, and create debate around the questions you are asking in your work and life.

Think. Create. Perform. 

Performance Ensemble is offered as both a 1-unit class and club on campus. Meetings are held every Tuesday from 4-6:45 p.m. in the Performance Ensemble Rehearsal Room, Manzanita Hall 217. Please contact Jade Huell for a permission number to add it to your class schedule.


CAGED BIRD - Fall 2018


Scene from "At the Seams: Picturing Violence"

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Production shot from "B(eat) Kitchen"


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For more information on the Performance Ensemble, please contact:

Dr. Jade C Huell

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