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CSUN Communication Association

Mission Statement

The Communication Association welcomes all students, faculty, and alumni from various backgrounds, fields and majors. From public speaking to interpersonal conversation, our organization emphasizes the process of effectively exchanging information and ideas. In order to do so, we incorporate networking events, public speaking activities, and community service within our threshold.  Due to having such an extensive spectrum, we strive to spread our diversity every day.

What the CA has to Offer

  • Leadership Skills
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Campus Involvement
  • Public Speaking Workshops
  • Community Service
  • Academic Workshops
  • Guest Speaker Events
  • Public Relations Experience

How to be an Active CA Member

  • Attend CA Events
  • Acquire an Officer Position
  • Help with Fundraising
  • Ask for Updates
  • Volunteer
  • Share Your Ideas!

The COMS Association has been a great way to establish connections with students and other faculty while I have been at CSUN. The events help to create a real sense of community in the Communication Studies Department.
~John Kephart, CA Advisor

I’m very thankful for the moments I've shared with the CSUN Communication Association as a general member. Not only did I get the opportunity to improve my speech giving skills, but I also met a ton of wonderful and intellectual people.
~Nina Kotelyan, General Member

The most rewarding parts about being in the Communication Association were the sensational vibes and positive energy that bounced from one contagious smile to another.
~Adrian Amor, CA Alumni

The Communication Association is not just an organization, but a family that works together to make the CSUN Coms major a home to all majors. I joined the CA and don't regret it ever since.
~Melissa Aldawoodi, General Member