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SOLAR Human Resources & Student Administration Upgrade Known Issues

Information Technology has identified the following issues and we are working to resolve them. This web page will be updated on a regular basis during the stabilization period.


Prior to the split, users of the databases could access SOLAR Human Resources (HR) and Student Administration (SA) modules from one link in the myNorthridge portal but with this upgrade, the two modules have been split into separate databases.Workaround: Choose the SOLAR HR or SOLAR SA link in the myNorthridge portal depending upon the application needed.
After logging into SOLAR and accessing the blue PeopleSoft pages, selecting the New Window link at the upper right corner of the page sometimes delivers an error "This is not your most recent page". Workaround: If you need to open a new window in addition to the one you are working in, open a new browser. For example, if you are working in Firefox, open a Chrome window so the two windows can be used at the same time. 
Previously saved PeopleSoft favorites may not work. Workaround: Delete SOLAR SA favorites from SOLAR HR, and then delete SOLAR HR favorites from SOLAR SA. This will leave SOLAR SA favorites in SOLAR SA and SOLAR HR favorites in SOLAR HR. 
Users with multiple IDs have reported that the blue navigation menu is missing when accessing SOLAR HR pages when using Internet Explorer. Workaround: If the blue navigation menu is missing in SOLAR HR when using Internet Explorer, use the Chrome or Firefox browsers. 
Items are not always displaying properly after the upgrade.   Make sure you are using a supported browser by reviewing the Browser Compatibility guide (.pdf). Clearing cache can also correct display issues. Review the Clearing Browser Cache page for more information.