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Captioning Instructional Videos

January 30, 2024

a hand holding up video screens

Did you know that CSUN will caption your instructional videos at no cost to your department? Many films and videos are already captioned, so check the video you want to present. If it is not captioned – or if the captions are poor quality - you can submit your videos to the NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to have them professionally captioned. 

Even though captions are required for deaf and hard of hearing students, captions also benefit a variety of students. English speakers of other languages, students in disciplines with technical terminology or jargon, anyone who needs to study under quiet conditions, and more may benefit from having captions available. 

Zoom and Panopto will auto-caption your recordings, but the quality of the auto-captioning varies widely depending on several factors. If the auto-captions are close to the original language, Panopto makes it easy to make minor corrections. 

 For more information about captioning, visit the Universal Design Center's captioning page.