Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures II

Minor in Italian

Program Description

The minor in Italian offers students the opportunity to attain an advanced level of proficiency in the Italian language along with an in-depth study of the culture that has shaped Italian society, both past and present. Students with previous studies in Italian should consult the advisor for advanced placement and course selections to complete the minor. Those students interested in pursuing careers to teach in elementary or secondary education also should consult with the advisor in order to plan their program of studies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an advanced level competence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing in Italian.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental historical and cultural events that shaped present-day Italy.
  3. Analyze and articulate interpretations of literary works.

Program Requirements

1. Language and Linguistics (9-10 units)

Select three courses from the following:

  • ITAL 102 Elementary Italian II (4)
  • ITAL 201 Intermediate Italian I (3)
  • ITAL 202 Intermediate Italian II (3)
  • ITAL 204 Intermediate Italian Grammar and Composition (3)
  • ITAL 290 Intermediate Reading and Conversation (3)
  • ITAL 300 Advanced Conversational Italian (3)
  • ITAL 305 Structure of the Italian Language (3)
  • ITAL 306 Translation and Style (3)

2. Culture and Civilization (9 units)

Select three courses from the following:

  • FLIT 330 Italian Civilization from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (3)
  • FLIT 331 Literary Masterpieces of Italian Humanism and Renaissance Literature (3)
  • FLIT 371 Modern Italian Culture (3)
  • FLIT 381 Aspects of the Italian-American Experience in Cinema, Literature, Philosophy and Music (3)
  • ITAL 315 Masterpieces of Italian Literature (3)
  • ITAL 335 Italian Literature of the Middle Ages (3)
  • ITAL 360 Italian Literature of the 19th Century (3)

Total Units in the Minor: 18-19

Italian Studies Special Projects

The Mentoris Project