Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures II

Minor in Spanish

Program Description

The Minor in Spanish provides students with language training and an understanding of Hispanic society and culture as revealed through the study of the language, literature, and civilization. It prepares students to enter graduate programs requiring knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, including area studies, teaching, business, law, translation & interpretation. It also helps students aspiring to careers in international business, law, publishing, public administration, community service, and communication and the media. Students with previous studies in Spanish should consult the advisor for advanced placement and course selections to complete the Minor. Successful completion of the Minor in Spanish will appear on the student’s official CSUN transcript.

Program Requirements

1. Language and Linguistics (12 units)

  • SPAN 220A Intermediate Spanish I (3)
  • SPAN 220B Intermediate Spanish II (3)
  • SPAN 306 Advanced Composition (3)
    or SPAN 401 Language and Culture (3)
  • SPAN 425 Spanish Phonetics (3)
    or SPAN 400 Structure of the Spanish Language (3)

2. Culture and Civilization (6 units)

Select two courses from the following:

  • FLIT 260 Life and Thought in Modern Spain (3)
  • FLIT 321 Business Culture in Europe (3)
  • FLIT 322 Business Culture in Latin America (3)
  • FLIT 383 Hispanic Civilization and Culture: Middle Ages to Golden Ages (3)
  • FLIT 384 Modern Hispanic Culture Peninsular (3)
  • SPAN 315A Literature of Spain I (3)
  • SPAN 315B Literature of Spain II (3)
  • SPAN 363 Literature of Latin America I (3)
  • SPAN 364 Literature of Latin America II (3)

Total Units in the General Minor: 18