Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures II

Spanish M.A.

Program Description

Major Goals and Objectives

  1. Prepare students to participate in a wide variety of careers (legal, medical, diplomatic, business, teaching, administrative, translation) that require native or near-native abilities in oral and written skills.
  2. Provide students with techniques, methods, strategies and skills to carry out independent research that supports career choices.
  3. Establish a solid foundation for lifelong learning and community service in the Hispanic communities.
  4. Design, organize and successfully deliver advanced level seminars that demonstrate superior-level oral proficiency, as well as teaching methodologies.

Course Requirements

1. Required Courses (18 units)

Choose a total of six courses (at least one in each field):
a. Language
  • SPAN 600 History of the Spanish Language (3)
  • SPAN 603 Seminar in Romance Linguistics (3)
  • SPAN 605 Advanced Translation (3)
b. Literature
  • SPAN 606 Seminar in a Genre (3)
  • SPAN 607 Seminar in a Literary Period (3)
  • SPAN 608 Seminar in Selected Authors (3)
  • SPAN 609 Seminar in Style (3)
  • SPAN 620 Spanish Literary Criticism (3)
c. Civilization
  • SPAN 680 Topics in Latin-American Culture (3)
  • SPAN 681 Topics in Spanish Culture (3)

2. Electives (12 units)

Select at least two courses from each group:
a. Language
  • SPAN 400 Structure of the Spanish Language (3)
  • SPAN 505 Art of Translation (3)
  • SPAN 506 Advanced Written Expression (3)
  • SPAN 594A-Z Selected Topics in Hispanic Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics (3)
b. Literature

Any 500-level literature courses not used to satisfy B.A. degree requirements, or any 600-level literature courses listed in the core but not used to satisfy core requirements.

3. Culminating Experience (3 units)

SPAN 697 Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

Total Units Required for the M.A. Degree: 33