Employment of Minors:

Consistent with state and federal law, the California State University's Employment of Minors policy addresses provisions related to the employment of minors (under age 18).

1. Work Permits:

Minors must obtain certificates of age or permits to work for the California State University. The university is required to keep work permits on file while the minor is employed. Minors may obtain work permits through their school district or superintendent's office. The permit should be completed and on file prior to the minor's appointment date.

2. 16 and 17 year-old Minors:

  1. May work a maximum of 4 hours on a day they are required to attend school for four hours or more.

  2. May work a maximum of 8 hours on a school day that precedes a non-school day (e.g., Friday).

  3. May work 8 hours on a day they are not required to attend school.

  4. If a minor is 17 and has graduated from High School then this policy does not apply to their employment