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Jose Hugo Vargas is a HERE Center post-doctoral fellow and part-time professor in the Department of Psychology at California State University, Northridge. He earned his doctorate degree in May of 2014 from the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Social Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduating, Dr. Vargas accepted a non-instructional position as student equity coordinator and research analyst for the Los Angeles Community College District, where he helped to establish an office of student equity and a data-driven approach to the evaluation of the multimillion-dollar Student Equity Initiative.

Following this post, Dr. Vargas returned to what mattered to him most: students, instruction, and research! His general research interests are in critical social psychology, social philosophy, culture, evaluation, and research methodology. Specific interests include education and its connection to racism, discourse, matters of social justice, cultural reproduction, and critical research ethics. His latest research focuses on the impact of race-dysconscious mentorship on the experiences of students of color and on power privileges in communication and their role in cultural reproduction.

As a CSUN alumnus and beneficiary of the university’s Career Opportunities in Research (COR) program, Dr. Vargas recognizes the value of research mentorship for students who belong to culturally diverse academic institutions. He is a certified BUILD PODER mentor trained in critical race theory and is strongly committed to mentoring students who aspire to become researchers and scientists. He is equally committed to instruction and has received accolades for integrating critical perspectives and non-psychology disciplines with traditional psychological curricula.



Schoolhouse Talk! A Discussion with Dr. Jose Hugo Vargas

A discussion with Dr. Vargas about mentoring, Social Psychology. Dr. Vargas provides a historical and social psychological perspective to the pedagogical approach which some refer to as "Critical Race Theory".

Emerging Research in Educational Psychology

Dr. Jose H. Vargas joins host Dr. Jeff Greene to discuss his Educational Psychologist article, "The antiracist educator’s journey and the psychology of critical consciousness development: A new roadmap.

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