The Kinesiology and Athletic Training faculty are here to assist you in the pursuit of your academic goals. Your success depends upon your commitment, responsibility, and dedication to taking the appropriate steps toward these goals. A sound academic plan is a great first step.

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Advisement Video Tutorials

Click here to visit our YouTube Channel, which contains several videos on academic advising.


 Kinesiology Academic Advisor: Sangita Dube - (Click here for office hours)

The Kinesiology Academic Advisor is available for advising in the following situations:

  • Athletic Training and Kinesiology freshmen
  • Athletic Training and Kinesiology transfer students during their first semester
  • Athletic Training and Kinesiology students on probation
  • Questions about general education
  • Prospective CSUN Athletic Training or Kinesiology students

Kinesiology Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Shane Stecyk - (Click here for office hours

The Kinesiology Undergraduate Program Coordinator is available for advising in the following situations:

  • Kinesiology students without a declared option (except freshmen and first-semester transfers)
  • AT or Kinesiology students who want information about and/or assistance with changing majors or options within Kinesiology
  • Approval for non-option specific substitutions (e.g. prerequisite science and math, lower division core, and upper division core)
  • Final approval and processing of option-specific substitutions (see option OR Athletic Training advisor first)
  • Final approval and signature on graduation paperwork (see option OR Athletic Training advisor first)
  • General academic advice, including questions about major course requirements and degree planning (see option OR Athletic Training advisor first)

The Kinesiology Option and Athletic Training Advisors** are available for advising in the following situations:

  • General academic advice, including questions about major course requirements and degree planning
  • Initial approval for option-specific substitutions
  • Initial approval and signature on graduation paperwork

Kinesiology Option & Athletic Training Advisors

Current Faculty Office Hours: Click here for faculty's office hours

Avoid Learned Helplessness

There are many resources available to help you find answers to many of your questions. Please see the links below.

** General career and graduate school mentoring can be sought from any Kinesiology faculty member.


Fall 2018 MAG Sessions

MAG Sessions' Slides

Each major and option within the Department of Kinesiology has different advising policies and requirements. Please see the KIN advising policies or AT advising policies to determine your specific advising requirements.

 All first-year freshmen should complete their advising requirement by attending a special freshman workshop led by the Kinesiology Academic Advisor, Sangita Dube.

Questions? Contact your assigned advisor.

 If you are required to attend a MAG session, please use the correct link below to register for a session. Dates, times, and locations are below. Space is limited and registration is required, so please register ASAP to get your first choice.


For Exercise Science/Applied Fitness MAG Sessions, you will need to register in advance and attend one of the scheduled MAG sessions. Visit the link below for more information:

Click here to register for a MAG Session


**Information will be posted here soon.


For Sport Studies/General Studies MAG sessions, you do not need to sign up, just show up at one of the scheduled workshops (CLICK HERE TO VIEW SCHEDULE)

(Note: All GS and SS students will have “Major Advising” holds. If you have applied for graduation and would like to have your hold removed without attending a MAG session, send a current PDF copy of your DPR to your advisor along with a request to have your registration hold removed. If your DPR indicates a graduation date, your advisor will remove your hold.)

 Important Information about MAG Sessions:

  • For Exercise Science, Applied Fitness, and No Declared Option, you MUST REGISTER for the session you wish to attend and bring your printed registration confirmation with you to be able to enter the room. You may register for one session only.
  • MAG sessions are specific to the major and options. You must attend the MAG session specifically designated for your option in order to have your “Major Advising” hold removed prior to the registration-by-appointment period.
  • MAG slides and other information will be posted on the CSUN Kinesiology website in the STUDENTS section.
  • If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled MAG sessions, you must see your assigned advisor (in person, not via email) at least one week in advance of the first MAG session to inform them that you are not able to attend. If missing MAG is approved, you must then see your assigned advisor, in person, for advising and to have your major hold removed.
  • Do not wait to attend the last session … “stuff” happens. MAG policies are strictly enforced … no exceptions.
  • Please bring your current DPR to the MAG sessions.
  • MAG sessions start strictly on time. Latecomers will not be admitted.
  • If you miss the MAG sessions without prior approval, you must see your assigned option advisor, in person, for advising. In this situation, your major hold will not be removed until the nonrestrictive registration period begins.


Mandatory advising guidelines vary for the different majors and options within the Kinesiology Department. Please visit the links below for specific advising policies based on your major and option.


All students must do the following*:

  1. Intent to register: Deadline is May 1st
  2. Title 9 training: Must be completed before registering for Fall Semester

* Both of these can be found on your "checklist" (CSUN Portal).

First Semester Freshmen (summer advising for the fall semester)

  • First-semester freshmen are required to attend an advising workshop prior to registering for classes. All freshmen should receive a letter and/or email with the information needed to sign up and attend a workshop.
  • All first-semester freshman are required to attend mandatory advisement with Sangita Dube, Kinesiology Academic Advisor. Please send us an email if you have any questions.
  • If you’ve been admitted to the EOP (Educational Opportunity Program), then please contact the Student Services Center/EOP office at 818-677-2883 for the College of Health and Human Development for instructions on your EOP summer session requirements.

First Semester Transfer Students (summer advising for the fall semester)

  • First-semester transfer students are required to attend an advising workshop prior to registering for classes. All transfer students should receive a letter and/or email with the information needed to sign up and attend a workshop.
  • To register for a Transfer Advisement Workshop, please send us an email.
  • Slides:




Students should apply for graduation after they have completed 90 units (including work-in-progress). Students who have applied for graduation will have priority registration during their final semester at CSUN.

If your application is late, a $10 late fee will be assessed. Applying late may also prevent you from receiving graduating senior priority registration during your last semester. If you do not get priority registration for your last semester, the Department of Kinesiology cannot guarantee you enrollment in the courses you need to graduate on time.

Please refer to the Kinesiology Graduation Application Process form below for detailed application instructions specific to the Department of Kinesiology.

Graduation Application Process and Instructions [click here to download form]

Go to the link below for more information about planning for graduation.



KIN Major Requirements Form

ATT Major Requirements Form