Secondary Education

Master of Arts in Multicultural and Multilingual Education in Secondary Schools


The Master of Arts in Multicultural and Multilingual Education in Secondary Schools program is developed in response to demographic changes in the student population in California public schools, who are from multicultural and multilingual backgrounds. This M.A. degree program is for teachers who work with students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. It is designed to:

  • Broaden students’ knowledge of ESL, bilingual, and multicultural education;
  • Develop leadership skills in ESL, bilingual, and multicultural education;
  • Develop research skills in ESL, bilingual, and multicultural education;
  • Develop skills and knowledge in effectively working with students and families of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Program benefits include:

  • Classes taken as a cadre with other ESL and bilingual teachers
  • Classroom-based research project in an area of your interest
  • Current theory and best practice connected to teaching in your classroom
  • Two-year program 
  • Convenient class schedule with two classes meeting back-to-back on Wednesday each semester.

Course of Study

The cohorted program comprises 10 courses (30 units): 8 core courses and 2 electives. Core classes meet from 4:00-6:45pm and 7:00-9:45pm every Wednesday for four semesters. The professional and personal connections you develop with cohort-mates will last well beyond graduation and serve as resources for years to come The two elective courses are normally taken during the two-year program; some students will be able to substitute courses taken prior to this program (e.g., in a resent CSUN teaching-credential program) for these two electives.

Sample Two-Year Program

Semester 1: Fall 2017

  • S ED 625 MM Theory and Research in Multicultural and Multilingual Education in Secondary Schools
  • S ED 625 ESL Theory and Research in Teaching ESL in Multilingual Classrooms

Semester 2: Spring 2018

  • S ED 600 Research in Secondary Education
  • S ED 525BL Bilingual and Bicultural Students in Secondary Schools

Semester 3: Fall 2018

  • S ED 673 Multicultural Students, Families, and Communities
  • S ED 690MM Seminar in Multicultural and Multilingual Education

Semester 4: Spring 2019

  • S ED 610MM Educational Issues in Multicultural and Multilingual Classrooms
  • S ED 697 Directed Comprehensive Studies

Two Required Elective Courses (6 units)

For program completion, six (6) units of credential program, transfer, or other qualified coursework are needed. If you completed your credential program at CSUN within the past five (5) years, you may be able to apply two of your credential courses to meet this requirement. Graduate courses or post-baccalaureate credential courses from other institutions may also be eligible substitutions for these electives.

Coursework at the time of graduation cannot be more than seven (7) years old. Candidates in the program without these units, in consultation with the program advisors, may enroll in an Independent Study or other appropriate coursework during the summer or regular semesters.

Additional Requirements

Prior to the completion of 12 units of the program, a score at or above the 50th percentile of at least one section of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required for those with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0. If the undergraduate GPA is below 2.5, admission cannot be guaranteed and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If the undergraduate GPA is 3.0 or higher, the GRE requirement is waived. Also prior to the completion of 12 units of the program, a passing score (8) is required on the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam at another university. (Many candidates will have completed the UDWPE requirement as undergraduates at another CSU.) Please save all copies of university correspondence.

MA students must have at least one year of teaching experience and a CA teaching credential before completing their master’s degree. This requirement can be waived for students who are working in different environments (e.g. private school, higher education or district level work). If you will need a waiver, please discuss this with the program advisor before applying. The teaching requirement is satisfied with a letter from your principal in your final semester before graduation. The credential requirement is satisfied by providing the Graduate Studies Office with a copy of your CA credential.