Credential Office

Bilingual Added Authorization Program

Bilingual Added Authorization (Armenian, Korean and Spanish)

Bilingual Authorization authorizes the holder to provide the following instruction to English learners:

  • Instruction for English Language Development (ELD)
  • Instruction for Primary Language Development
  • Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE)
  • Content Instruction Delivered in the Primary Language

For detailed information please refer to the CTC website

Admission Requirements

You may be required to submit two online applications.  For the Credential Program application we encourage you to start early and be prepared to scan and upload documents.

1. University Application
Candidates not currently enrolled at the University will have to submit an online application.  Complete the CalStateApply application online There is a $55 application fee. 
Important information Please note: Starting with the Fall 2020 admission cycle, the CSU application fee will increase to $70.
  • Credential Applicant Guide to the Cal State Apply Application for 2019-2020. 
 2. Credential Program Application

All candidates must submit a separate program application online to the Credential Office which includes the following items:

Start early, and be prepared to scan and upload documents.

  • Online Program Application along with nonrefundable $50.00 application processing fee (an additional $1.38 service fee will be assessed at checkout).

3. Transcripts - Official transcripts documenting a baccalaureate degree and all post-baccalaureate work must be submitted in person or by mail to the Credential Office at:

Cal State Northridge
Credential Office EA 103
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8265

IMPORTANT! Do not mail in transcripts until you have submitted your online application. You should request all transcripts sent directly to your home address, once you have gathered all transcripts you may submit them. Official transcripts from each institution you have attended (including community colleges) must be submitted to Admission and Records

4. Valid Credential - Upload a copy of an appropriate valid California teaching or services credential. English learner authorization is required either as part of your valid credential or by CLAD Certificate. 


Currently Admitted - Individuals currently admitted to the CSUN Single Subject, Multiple Subject or Education Specialist credential program may request concurrent enrollment in the Bilingual Added Authorization Program. 

             Please note: ITEP, FYI and JYI are not eligible for concurrent enrollment.

5. Language Proficiency - Documentation of one of the following is required for admission:

      > *Passage of CSET LOTE II (Armenian) or CSET LOTE III (Korean or Spanish)

      > College or high school transcript (3 years or more) from a country where the target language is spoken

      > College major in Armenian, Korean or Spanish

*Important Note: All candidates must pass the appropriate CSET LOTE subtest prior to credential recommendation; this includes internship credentials.  For those completing the Bilingual Added Authorization concurrently with their credential program, CSET LOTE must be passed prior to student teaching.  Official scores must be sent directly form Evaluation Systems to CSUN.  If you did not request the official scores to be sent to CSUN you will need to upload a copy to the Credential online program application.

Program Requirements

Coursework and Testing
Program Type
Bilingual Methods Class
Culture Specific Class
Language Proficiency
EED 525/SED 525BL
Bilingual and Bicultural Teaching (3)
ARMN 440
Armenian American Child and the Schools (3)
Passage of CSET LOTE II
KoreanEED 525/SED 525BLBilingual and Bicultural Teaching (3)SED 516KOLTeaching the Bilingual and Bicultural Child: Korean American (3)Passage of CSET LOTE IIIKorean
EED 525/SED 525BLBilingual and Bicultural Teaching (3)
CHS 430 The Chicano Child (3) or CHS 431 The Chicano Adolescent (3)
Passage of CSET LOTE III

Courses may be taken in any order.  Only CSUN courses listed here are acceptable; other CSUN courses will not be considered for substitutions.  All coursework must meet the catalog requirement of not being older than seven years a the completion of the program.

Fieldwork/Student Teaching

 Individuals in a pre-credential model are required to provide tutoring or small group instruction in a bilingual setting using their target language and whenever possible should also be placed in a bilingual classroom for one semester of student teaching.

 Individuals in a post-credential model are required to provide tutoring or small group instruction in a bilingual setting using their target language. They will be evaluated by the site and university supervisor using an instrument developed by the program.

Additional Requirements

  •  GPA – 3.0 with no grades lower than “C”
  •  Exit Portfolio – See instructions here

Contact Information and Advisement

For questions regarding the program application process, please contact the Credential Office at (818) 677-2733 or

For program advisement, please contact Dr. Mónica García at (818) 677-4999 or

Program Completion Process

Information regarding how to apply to have the Bilingual Authorization added to your existing credential document can be found on our website

IMPORTANT! Before beginning the online application, make sure you are not logged into the CSUN portal.  All required documents must be uploaded with your online application do not mail or fax any documents.  The only item that should be mailed are transcripts, if applicable.