Secondary Education

Master of Arts in Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

New Cohort Will Begin Fall 2020; Applications Due July 1


The Master of Arts in Secondary Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) program is designed to broaden your pedagogy in secondary (middle and high school) classrooms, examine current national and discipline-based educational issues, evaluate and apply theory and best practices in secondary classrooms, and provide opportunities to form professional ties with other secondary educators and faculty.

Program features:

  • Flexible pacing – Take as little as three or as many as 15 units a semester, depending on course availability
  • Convenient class schedules for working educators with two time offerings: 4:20 – 6:45pm or 7:00 – 9:45pm
  • Average time to completion: 1.5 years
  • Priority enrollment in program classes
  • Credential courses taken at CSUN may be applied towards C&I program (rules apply; contact the Graduate Coordinator).

Course of Study

The program comprises 10 courses (30 units): 8 Required Program courses and 2 Electives. Some students may be able to substitute certain courses taken prior to this program (e.g., in a recent CSUN teaching-credential program).

Sample Two-Year Program

Fall of First Year

  • SED 600 Research in Secondary Education
  • SED 610CI Issues in Multiethnic Secondary Schools

Spring of First Year

  • SED 651 Assessment in Theory and Practice
  • SED 686 Motivational Strategies in the Classroom

Fall of Second Year

  • SED 618 Computers in the Secondary School Curriculum: Multimedia
  • SED 641 Curriculum in Theory and Practice

Spring of Second Year

  • SED 690CI Seminar on Special Issues in Secondary Education
  • SED 697 Directed Comprehensive Studies: Comprehensive Exam

Two Required Elective Courses (6 units)

For program completion, six (6) units of graduate Elective coursework are needed. The Electives will be determined in consultation with the Program Advisor. Note: Graduate courses or post-baccalaureate credential courses from other institutions may be eligible substitutions for these Electives; please check with the Graduate Coordinator.

Additional Requirements

Prior to the completion of the first semester of the program, a passing score (8) is required on the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam. (Many will have completed the UDWPE requirement as undergraduates at a CSU.) A raw score of 3.0 or higher on the Analytical writing portion of the GRE will waive the student out of the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam. Please save all copies of university correspondence.