Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

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The following graduate courses are required for the masters and credential programs:

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Suggested Reflection Guidelines
Helping ELPS Students Reflect

The following questions were developed in an attempt to assist our ELPS candidates in completing the reflection assignment(s) that are either a course requirement or may be assigned by an Instructor.

Length of response will be assigned by individual instructor unless otherwise noted on ELPS 688 rubric.

  1. What have I learned from this assignment?
  2. What was the purpose of this assignment?
  3. What skills/dispositions/knowledge/understanding did I need in order to complete this assignment?
  4. What prepared to complete this assignment?
  5. How can I improve on this assignment?
  6. How can I follow-up on this assignment?
  7. What went well? What was disappointing?
  8. What should I do differently?
  9. How do the lessons learned from this assignment apply to my work as a current educator or as a future administrator?

Adapted from: The Art of School Leadership Thomas R. Hoerr