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Academic Advisement and Support

CSUN is committed to its core mission of student success and research. All Academic Support services are virtual, active and available. Some specific elements of this include:

  • First time freshman advising is offered via zoom, phone, and email in both group and individual sessions through the Matador Advising Hub and, for EOP students, at the college-based Advising Centers/EOP offices.
  • First time transfer advisement and continuing student advisement is taking place via zoom, phone, and email by all advising offices on campus.
  • The Learning Resource Center offers online tutoring, writing lab support, and supplemental instruction via zoom and other virtual tools.
  • The Matador Achievement Center (MAC)will continue to offer student athletes advisement, support, and tutoring through virtual tools. Please contact mactutoring@csun.edu or call (818) 677-6356.
  • For students taking degree and certificate programs through CSUN’s Tseng College, the College’s Graduate and Professional Education Programs and Services Unit (GPE) provides support from application to graduation. This full spectrum of support is now fully virtual. Students are encouraged to review online information for prospective students and current students; but all self-support students can communicate with individual GPE staff from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday, or email general inquiries to prorgams@csun.edu, or call (818) 677-3332.