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In the spring, President Dianne F. Harrison convened the Emergency Operations Center to protect our campus community and help us pivot to a virtual learning environment. To support and improve operations in CSUN’s virtual environment, President Harrison has now charged groups of campus community members to develop strategies and tactics to enable CSUN to learn, work and thrive in the safest possible ways during the COVID-19 pandemic and to assess the effectiveness and impact of these strategies on campus safety, student learning and progress toward degree.

The CSUN as One workgroups will make recommendations to President Harrison and senior leadership and implement tasks that are informed by our COVID-19 response guiding principles and our mission, and in compliance with the CSU, the national, state, and regional public health guidelines, to protect the health and well-being of our campus community. The workgroups are:

Health and Welfare

Continue to monitor protocols and guidelines related to the health and safety of faculty, staff and students. Provide the tools, resources, communications and training necessary to foster a culture of shared accountability and monitor and track compliance.

Health and Welfare Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: Jill Smith, Chief of Staff
Co-chair: Linda Chassiakos, Director of Student Health Center
Co-chair: Greg Murphy, Chief of Police
Co-chair: Tony Pepe, Director of EH&S
Academic Affairs: Matt Cahn, Interim Vice Provost
Advancement: Jeff Noblitt, AVP of Marketing & Communications
A&F: Kristina de la Vega, AVP of HR
Student Affairs: Claire Davis, Director Housing
Auxiliaries: Heather Cairns, Director, Administrative Services, TUC
Auxiliaries: Jimmy Francis, Assoc. Exec Director for Operations and Services, USU
Information Technology: Helen Heinrich, Director of Data Analytics
Office of the President: Hazel Kochocki, Communications & Operations Specialist
Faculty: Lou Rubino, Public Health
Student: Maribel Sandoval, Graduate Student, Urban Planning
Student: Caelan Griggs, Graduate Student, Physical Therapy

Campus Infrastructure and Facilities

Explore strategies and solutions to support public health guidelines with respect to the campus physical environment, buildings, grounds, and campus capacity. Enact health and safety changes in physical spaces for the health and well-being of campus.

Campus Infrastructure and Facilities Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: Colin Donahue, VP of Admin & Finance/CFO
Chair: Ken Rosenthal
A&F: Jason Wang, Senior Director of Physical Plant Management
A&F: Travis Thomas, Director of Logistical Services
A&F: James Logsdon, Director of Grounds, Custodial & Events
A&F: Maureen Shideh, Minor Capital Program Manager, Facilities Planning
A&F: John Veatch, AVP Financial Services Interim
A&F: Daniel Castellon, Asst. Director of EH&S
Academic Affairs: Callie Juarez, Director of Academic Budget Management
Advancement: Kevin Lizarraga, Director of University Marketing
Information Technology: Ryan Conlogue, Director of User Support Services
Student Affairs: Jodi Johnson, Director DRES
Faculty: Ray Calnan, Business Law
TUC: Tim Killops, Assoc. Director, Facilities and Operations
Auxiliaries: Jimmy Francis, Assoc. Exec Director for Operations and Services, USU
Staff: Daniella Cross, AS Risk Manager
Student: Liliana Palafox, Senior, FCS/Interior Design
Student: Jesus Borjas, Senior, Kinesiology


Continue to monitor the needs for training, technology, and support to enable a thriving virtual learning, student engagement and work environment. Identify and prioritize any existing gaps and emerging needs and coordinate responses calling upon the resources of both the Division of Information Technology and distributed IT teams.

Technology Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: Ranjit Philip, Interim VP of IT/CIO
Chair: Allan Chen, AVP of Academic Technology
IT: Anu Nagarajan, Director of Digital Transformation & Process Improvement
Academic Affairs: Pankaj Bedekar, Tseng Director of Info Systems & Services
Academic Affairs: Justin Kovalcik, Director of Library IT, Technical Lead for College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Academic Affairs: Nidia Goitia, Director of Finance & Operations, College of Science & Math
Advancement: Danny Reader, Sr Director of Financial Services
A&F: John Veatch, Interim AVP of Financial Services
IT: Kathryn Tipton, Accessibility Program Manager
Student Affairs: Paul Schantz, Director, Tech. Services
Office of the President: Samuel Richman, Deputy Director, Equity & Diversity
Auxiliary: Danior Martin, TUC Controller/Director of Financial Services
Faculty: Chris Sales, Comp. Sci., Chair of Academic Tech Committee
Auxiliary: Nicholas Echeverri, Comp. Labs Coordinator, USU
Staff: John B. (JB) Wall, Mgr. of Technology, SBS
Student: Vahn Voskian, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Student: Naurice Minor, Senior, CTVA

Co-Curricular and Student Life

Adapt to conditions, reimagine activities, and pioneer new opportunities to ensure a robust student life experience in 2020-21. Plan broad and diverse programming and resources to promote student engagement best suited to build community in virtual formats.

Co-Curricular and Student Life Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: William Watkins, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Chair: Shelley Ruelas Bishoff, AVP of Student Life
Academic Affairs: Melanie Bocanegra, AVP of Student Success
Advancement: Samantha Delagardelle, Director of Alumni Relations
IT: Kyle Shaver, Interim Director, Enterprise App Dev
Student Affairs: Vicki Allen, Interim Co-Director, OSID
Auxiliaries: Patrick Bailey, Executive Director, Associated Students
Auxiliaries: Freddie Sanchez, Assoc. Director, Marketing and Programs, USU
Faculty: Kim Henige, Kinesiology, Director of Academic First Year Experiences
Staff: Matt Soto, Sr. Res. Life Coordinator, Housing
Student: Rose Merida, Senior, Health Science
Student: Sean Haggerty, Senior, History

Organizational Effectiveness and Dynamics

Implement and measure best practices to ensure an engaged and supported university workforce. Develop programs and communications and tools to nurture a positive faculty/staff experience in a remote work environment. Evaluate staffing, as needed, to ensure productivity and efficiency in consideration of work environment and evolving needs of campus to support student success.

Organizational Effectiveness and Dynamics Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: Rob Gunsalus, VP for University Relations & Advancement
Chair: Kristina de la Vega, AVP Human Resources
IT: Kevin Krzewinski, Sr. Director and Info. Security Officer
Academic Affairs: Serinah Gabrielian, Director of Finance, CSBS
Academic Affairs: Paul Lazarony, Associate Dean, Nazarian COBAE
Auxiliaries: Kristen Pichler, Associate Director, USU
Advancement: Veronica Grant, Director of Operations and Special Projects
Student Affairs: Nyla Dalferes, Administrator in Charge, Career Center
TUC: Grace Slavik, Accounting
Student: April Chamchalaem, Senior, Communication Disorders
Student: Costa Bustamante, Graduate Student, Educ. Psych and Counseling

Repopulation of Campus

Consider additional opportunities to expand learning and student activities on campus as pandemic conditions allow. This requires an understanding the dynamics and number of individuals on campus, in collaboration with Health and Welfare.

Repopulation of Campus Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: Mary Beth Walker, Provost & VP of Academic Affairs
Co-chair: Fred Fernandez, Deputy Chief of Police
Co-chair: Heather Cairns, Director, Admin Services, TUC
IT: Jenny Chou, Director, IT Finance & HR
Academic Affairs: Elizabeth Adams, AVP of Undergraduate Studies
Auxiliaries: Genelyn Arante, Licensing Manager
Auxiliaries: Kaila Lavin, Interim Director, SRC
Faculty: Michael Neubauer, Mathematics, Faculty President
A&F: Toni Strauja, Director of Employee Relations/HR
Student Affairs: Christopher Aston, Interim Co-Director, OSID
Student Affairs: Juana Maria Valdivia, Director, SOAR
Student: Ariel Solis, Senior, Health Sciences
Student: Deion Turner, Public Relations, Minor Psychology and Africana Studies
Student Affairs: Jessica Fred, Asst. Director for Residential Life, Student Housing & Conf. Services
A&F: Emanuel Campos, Manager of Parking & Transportation, Department of Police Services

Retention Efforts

Evaluate the experience of a virtual semester for continuing students as well as first time freshman and transfer students, and the impact it may have on persistence. The retention workgroup will identify every possible measure of persistence and retention as well as propose and implement interventions to address gaps in CSUN’s ability to serve student groups that are disproportionately impacted by the remote/virtual environment.

Retention Efforts Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: Mary Beth Walker, Provost & VP of Academic Affairs
Chair: Melanie Bocanegra, AVP of Student Success
IT: Muhammad Zaman, Sr. Director, Infrastructure Services
Academic Affairs: Frankie Augustine, Health Sciences; Faculty Affiliate, Equity Gap
Student Affairs: Julie Pearce, Director UCS
Auxiliaries: Debra Hammond, Executive Director, USU
Faculty: Samira Moughrabi, Nursing
Information Technology: Helen Heinrich, Director of Data Analytics
Staff: Gabby Danis, Peer Mentor Program Coordinator
Staff: Cindy Greco, Sr. Strategist, Office of Student Success
Student: Ayana Galves, Freshman, Biology
Student: Elizabeth Gutierrez, Graduate Student, Educ. Leadership & Policy

Housing and Residential Life

Adapt and plan programming for a residential life experience in both socially-distant and virtual settings to promote student engagement, build community and facilitate students’ academic success; brainstorm evolving possibilities as circumstances allow.

Housing and Residential Life Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: William Watkins, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Chair: Melissa Giles, Associate Director for Residential Life
IT: Kyle Shaver, Interim Director, Enterprise App Dev.
A&F: Dawn Ellerbe, Assoc. Director, Athletics
Academic Affairs: Andrea Nemeth, Mathematics
Student Affairs: Cathy McLeod, Director, NCOD
Auxiliaries: Betsy Corrigan, Director of Food Service
Faculty: Nate Thomas, CTVA
Staff: Audrey Martinez, Manager, Events, USU
Staff: Lt. Rene Lino, Dept. of Police Services
Student: Miya Butler, Junior, Political Science
Student: Isabella Rizzo, Senior, Deaf Studies


Recognizing unique constraints and needs, plan enrichment opportunities for student athletes in virtual setting to ensure engagement and general health and well-being in consideration of physical environment. Primary consideration should be given to the experience, well-being and academic success of student athlete experience. Additionally, considerations for as conditions allow include community engagement and the fan experience in safe manner.

Athletics Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: Colin Donahue, VP of Admin & Finance/CFO
Chair: Bob Alejo, Sr. Associate Athletic Director
A&F: Steve Grech, Asst. Athletic Director, Sports Medicine
Academic Affairs: Debi Cours, Asst VP/MAC
Advancement: Susan Dickman, Director, Development - Athletics
Student Affairs: Amy Rosenblatt, Staff Psychologist, UCS
A&F: Jim Logsdon, Director of Grounds, Custodial & Events
Faculty: Ashley Samson, Kinesiology
Staff: JP Gale, Sport Clubs Manager, AS
Student: Jordan Franco, Sophomore, Undeclared
Student: Amanda Klessig, Senior, Psych. & Criminal Justice


Identify and execute best practices in assessing students’ learning when using virtual and online instruction across different types of learning environments and other outcomes (eg. engagement, retention, grade point average).

Assessment Workgroup Roster

Sponsor: Mary Beth Walker, Provost & VP of Academic Affairs
Chair: Janet Oh, Sr. Director of Institutional Research
Academic Affairs: Jack Solomon, Director, Assessment and Program Review
Student Affairs: Kingson Leung, Interim Assessment and Evaluation Specialist
Faculty: Ken Luna, Chair of Linguistics
Staff: Debbi Mercado, Program Coordinator, Writing Proficiency Exam
TUC: Amy Berger, Director, Campus Store
Student: Evelyn Jimenez, Senior, Political Science
Student: Melanie Alvarez, Senior, Political Science