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Presenter FAQ

Where and when will the Conference take place?
The 2023 CSUN AT Conference will be at the Anaheim Marriott in California. The Conference dates are Monday, March 13 through Friday, March 17, 2023. Pre-Conference Workshops will take place on March 13. The Keynote Address will kick off the conference on the morning of Tuesday, March 14 and conference sessions will begin following the keynote and continue through Friday, March 17.
What are the benefits of presenting?
The CSUN AT Conference, recognized as the premier event in the field of technology and persons with disabilities, is also the longest-running, largest and the only university-sponsored one. The Conference involves all stakeholder groups providing presenters a unique opportunity to connect with a broad audience, targeting a cross-section of people who are most likely to engage in the products, services, and learning opportunities you are offering. As the most widely-known conference for technology and persons with disabilities, presenters build credibility among their peers by sharing their knowledge and experience on the topic(s) they present.
What is the difference between the Journal Call for Papers and the General Call for Presentations?

The Journal Call for Papers welcomes the Research & Development community around the globe to submit their cutting-edge work for publication. The Journal Track publishes proceedings from the Journal Track sessions presented at the CSUN Conference in the open-access award-winning Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities. Visit the Journal page for further information.

The General Call for Presentations invites all individuals interested in presenting a session in the general domains of new concepts concerning hardware and software, adaptive devices, access to technology, training programs, results of research, and overall best- practices in any area of technology for people with disabilities.

How do I submit a paper or presentation for consideration?
The Journal Call for Papers and the General Call for Presentations have their own online submission form. The links to each Call will be active and available upon each of their openings and remain active until their deadlines.
What is the deadline to submit?
  • The Journal Call for Papers has concluded. Journal call for papers was open Thursday, August 18, and closed on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, at 3:00 PM PDT.
  • The General Call for Presentations has concluded. The General Call for Presentations was open Thursday, September 8 through Tuesday, September 27, at 3:00 PM PDT.
Submissions intended for the Journal Call for Papers will not be accepted during the General Call for Presentations. All submissions must be completed and submitted by the deadline. All submissions must be submitted through the online submission system to be considered.
How do you select which submissions to accept?
All submissions, both to Journal and General, are rigorously reviewed by independent committees of content expert reviewers. Submissions are accepted based on the review scores and recommendations made by the reviewers.
What do I need to do if my submission is accepted to confirm my participation?
All presenters must register to present and attend the conference to secure their session slot. Presenter Registration is Tuesday, November 1, 2022 through December 6, 2022, at 3:00 PM PST. Each presenter on accepted sessions will receive notice of acceptance and instructions for registration ahead of November 1. All presenters included in the submission must register as a Presenter to present. Sessions with no registered presenters will be canceled.
Why is there a registration fee for presenters?
All presenters are given a reduced conference registration fee of $400. The reduced presenter registration fee grants the same complete access to all conference activities and events as the attendee registration fee and highlights your role at the conference as a valued presenter. Presenters must register to secure their session and attend the conference. The CSUN Center on Disabilities hosts the Annual CSUN AT Conference and relies solely on conference registrations and sponsorships to operate and make the event possible. While the CSUN Center on Disabilities is part of the California State University system, we do not receive state funding or financial support from the university or any other entity.
Will you need my presentation slides?
The Center on Disabilities will be compiling a repository of links to presentation slides to be made available to the public. Submitting a link to your presentation is voluntary and not required to present. It is recommended that a service such as Apple iCloud, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive be used to host your presentation and create a shareable link. Presenters will receive instructions on how to submit the link to your presentation following Presenter Registration.
Will my presentation be published?
Only papers accepted to the Journal will be included in the formal publication, the Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities. General sessions are not published. All sessions will be listed in the conference schedule with a brief description. Additionally, any links to slides provided by presenters will be shared.