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Presenter Information

Presenter Registration procedures are emailed to presenters listed on the submissions.  Presenter Registration is NOT available on the conference website.

Presenter Registration Fee

  • Rate: $400
  • Discounts cannot be applied after registration is completed and must be requested 72 hours in advance.
  • The deadline to request Discounts is Thursday, January 2, 2020.
  • All Registrations are non-transferable and substitutions are not permitted.
  • Exhibitor Complimentary Registrations are NOT VALID for Presenter Registration fees.
  • Credit card is the only accepted form of payment.
  • There is no On-Site Registration.

Presenter Registration Cancellation and Changes

Cancellation Request must be made in writing and received by 3:00 PM (PST) on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. A $100 processing fee will be assessed. There will be no refunds after Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

Changes unrelated to initial registration or cancellation may be subject to a $100.00 Administrative Processing Fee. To mitigate the fee, please make sure persons being registered are correct and the type of registration is correct (presenter, attendee, exhibitor).

Presentations Policies

All Sessions

  • The Center on Disabilities at CSUN retains the right to any materials submitted.
  • The CSUN AT Conference retains the right to schedule presentations at any designated time slot in the schedule during the presentation days of Wednesday-Friday, March 11-13, 2020.
  • Sessions cannot be presented more than one time.
  • Unauthorized recordings, filming or photography in the presentation rooms is prohibited by presenters and attendees.
  • Product giveaways are prohibited in the presentation rooms.
  • Presenters may not present at more than three (3) sessions.
  • Sessions are 40 minutes in length. Presenters should start and end their sessions on schedule and be sure to exit the presentation room once their session has concluded in order to provide enough set-up time for the presenters of the following session.

Journal Track Sessions

  • Authors may not be listed on more than two (2) submissions and thus can only present on a maximum of two (2) Journal Track sessions. Additional General Track sessions are permitted, though presenters may not present at more than three (3) sessions between the Journal and General Tracks.
  • Authors cannot be added as a presenter after the conclusion of Presenter Registration on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.
  • Adding authors and presenters (who were not previously disclosed) after acceptance is prohibited. All authors must be disclosed prior to review.
  • Presentation at the CSUN Conference is required for manuscript publication.

Presentation Rooms

All session rooms are set-up and equipped in the same way. All presentation rooms are set theater-style (chairs only) with a head table and two (2) chairs for presenters. (There are no panels.)

All presentation rooms are equipped with the following:

  • Windows PC (Capable of DVD playback)
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Projection Screen
  • Wide-Screen Color Digital Projector (16:10, 1280 x 800) with VGA & HDMI connections
  • One Wired Lavaliere Microphone
  • One Wired Hand-Held Microphone
  • PC-to-Mixer (1/8", 3.5mm mini-jack) Audio Connection

No other equipment will be provided or may be requested. If additional equipment is required it is the responsibility of the presenter to provide. All additional equipment must be able to fit on a 30-inch by 24-inch tabletop.

If changes are made to the presentation room, please return the room to the original set-up prior to leaving. The CSUN AT Conference is not responsible for any devices, cables, or other equipment left behind by presenters.

Presentation Slides and Papers

The CSUN AT Conference does not collect presentation slides, handouts or transcripts of the sessions. Presenters should not submit papers, slides or handouts to the CSUN Conference for review or distribution. Only authors of accepted proposals for the Journal Track will be invited to submit a complete manuscript for publication.