Faculty/Staff Resources


The CSUN Homegrown Group aims to link fellow CSUN alumni who currently serve as faculty or staff within the Matador community. In keeping with the diversity and inclusion the campus fosters we will utilize our strengths rooted throughout the campus to support and build resources within the group.

Find more information here. 

Alumni Hospitality Request Form

If you, your department or your student club is in need of assistance of securing additional hospitality perks to make an alum's visit to CSUN spectacular, we'd love to help! Fill out the request form via the button below, and we'll help you make that Matador's day!



CSUN Funder

CSUN Funder is a unique crowdfunding tool available to CSUN students, faculty and staff to raise money for an official campus club/organization, or a project/program overseen by a CSUN faculty group or academic department.

All funds raised through CSUN Funder are routed through an official CSUN Foundation account, which are managed and dispersed by the appropriate campus manager and immediately available at the close of a crowdfunding campaign. 

For more information or to apply to fundraise on CSUN Funder, visit