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Give Back

CSUN is a university of exceptional quality that each year draws thousands of students. Here they embark upon the journey of a lifetime. Students come to pursue their dreams, advance knowledge, create art, inspire children, and transform their own lives and the lives of others. They illuminate the past, shape the present, and will discover the future. They will leave the world a better place. They are our future.

When alumni, friends, and family contribute to CSUN, you support faculty and student research, provide much needed scholarships, construct new facilities, and endow many other projects that create the excellent education that we offer our students. Whether you make a small donation or a large endowment, every contribution is vital and deeply appreciated. For information on ways to contribute to the university, select an item from the menu below.

Donate to CSUN

Support your alma mater with a gift. Annual giving allows loyal alumni, parents, students, employees and friends to support CSUN. Your contribution benefits current and future students, paying for financial aid, technology improvements, lab equipment, course development and so much more. 

Make a Planned Gift

The CSUN Heritage Society recognizes and honors alumni and friends of California State University, Northridge, and San Fernando Valley State College who have made a financial commitment to CSUN's future through their estate plans. While traditional cash gifts are invaluable to the university today, planned giving is a crucial investment in our university's commitment to be relevant, responsive and ready for the future.

Buy a Brick

This is your chance to make a unique contribution to CSUN. By giving a gift, you can leave a lasting mark in CSUN history with your inscription imprinted on a personalized brick.  When visiting the campus you will be able to point with pride to the place where your personalized brick appears as an expression of your loyalty and rekindle memories of your college experiences. This is the perfect way to inspire campus pride and tradition for decades to come.

Support Alumni Association Scholarships

Support the next generation of Matadors. Alumni Association scholarships range from $150 to $1,500 each and are awarded annually at the beginning of each semester. The Alumni Association currently provides multiple scholarships to CSUN students in four categories:Legacy, First Generation,Graduate Student, and Chapters.



Mentor a Matador

Share your personal experiences, industry expertise and career advice with the next generation of Matadors.

Raise Your Hand! Volunteer

Explore these opportunities to get involved and start volunteering.