Alumni Hospitality Request Form

The Alumni Association understands the importance of creating opportunities for alumni to connect and network with students and to give back to their alma mater. We also understand how much work goes into finding the right alumni connection for your event and program.

If you or your organization is in need of securing hospitality perks for alumni guest speakers and/or mentors, please reach out to the Alumni Relations Department for assistance, we'd love to help! Hospitality perks can include: One-day parking pass(es), individual CSUN thank you gifts and/or both to help make a visit to the CSUN campus a spectacular one! 

To initiate the conversation, please complete the online submission form below. Once we have all the required information, we'll reach out to confirm with you.

For further questions, please contact Marco Esparza at or 818-677-2999.

Note: Please allow a minimum of 5 business days before your anticipated event to successfully complete this hospitality perks request


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