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    Academic Technology Committee

Academic Technology Committee


This committee shall make recommendations regarding University resources and policy that pertain to instructional and research technology, including computing and instructional media development and services. There shall be consultation and liaison with other appropriate Standing Committees.


This committee shall consist of thirteen members: nine members elected, one each, by and from the eight Colleges and the Library; two members elected by the Senate; and two student members appointed by the Associated Students Senate.

Academic Technology Committee Members

NameRepresentingDepartmentTerm Expires
Jenn Wolfe (Chair)EducationSecondary Education2026
Sepideh AbolghasemEngineering and Computer ScienceManufacturing Systems Engineering and Management 2026
Myra Stewart
Health & Human Development  Physical Therapy2026
Wayne SmithBusiness & EconomicsManagement2024
Soheil BoroushakiSocial & Behavioral SciencesGeography2024
Joel KrantzArts, Media & Communication Cinema & Television Arts2025
Stephen KutayUniversity Library Library2025
Cecile BendavidSenateComputer Science2026
Jorge BalbasScience & Math  Mathematics2025
Moira SaltzmanHumanitiesLinguistics2026
Paige HajilooAssociated StudentsAssociated Students2024
Ruby Uribe Associated StudentsAssociated Students2024
Ranjit PhilipVice President for Information Technology & CIOExecutive SecretaryNot Applicable
Helen HeinrichAssociate Vice President, Academic TechnologyPermanent GuestNot Applicable
Matthew WilliamsInformation Technology, Academic TechnologyGuestNot Applicable
Celene ValenzuelaExecutive AssistantRecording SecretaryNot Applicable