Classics 315: Greek and Roman Mythology





List of Handouts for Classics 315


There is a website for our text book at
It contains, among other things,
images and sample quizzes of various sorts for each chapter.


Another Guide to Greek Mythology (Carlos Parada)

A Dictionary of Greek Mythology



1. A Brief Bibliography
2. Some Themes for the course.
3. Myth Tools : the -ologies and -isms in studying myths.
4. Xenophanes of Colophon.
5. Euhemerus of Messene
6. The Idea of Myth: Some Notes
7. Names easily confused

8. The Enuma Elish Text

9. Creation Notes
10. Euripides, Alcestis. An outline of the play, with quotations.
11. The Five Ages Hesiod
12. Metals, Fire and Prometheus.

13. The Muses
14. Zeus, His Girl Friends and their Children
15. Poseidon
15a.Jason and the Argonauts
16. Theseus
16a. Pausanias, on the children of Medea
17. Euripides, Hippolytus: outline of the play
18. Aphrodite: Notes
19. Aphrodite-Inanna: Two texts.
20. Hermes: Notes
21. Apollo: A god of Death; Hades

22. Studying for the MIDTERM !

23. Death II (The Underworld)
24. Death III (The Underworld II)

25. Demeter: The Myth
26. Demeter: The Cult
27. The Last Hierophant
28. Dionysos Notes
29. Mycenaean gods: Dionysos, and human sacrifice.
30. Senatusconsultum de Bacchanalibus (Rome, 186 B.C.)
31. Euripides, Bacchae An Outline
32. Euripides, Bacchae Study Questions
33. Orpheus: Some notes.
34. Cult Terms: a work sheet.

35. The Story of the House of Labdacus Thebes
36. Oedipus Tyrannos An Outline of the Play
37. Oedipus Tyrannos Questions

38. The Twelve Labors of Heracles.
39. Heracles and Kings .
40. Homer and the Trojan War : some notes.
41. The Iliad: Some Questions.
42. Homer and the Odyssey : The Nostoi (Returns).

43. Names to study for the Final !


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