An Orphic Gold  Lamella



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Orphic Lamella,
IV. B.C., Thurii

I. He is a THRACIAN (same area, near Mount Pangaeus, as Dionysus' enemy LYCURGUS and Heracles' foe DIOMEDES and his cannibalistic horses)

II. He went on the expedition with JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, in the ship ARGO (the ship designed by Athena).
III. MARRIAGE WITH EURYDICE: (She is a nymph, either a Naiad or a Dryad)
IV. ORPHEUS returns to Thrace, where he is destroyed by native Thracian girls (of the Ciconian tribe), for one of the following reasons: V. THE MUSES buried ORPHEUS in their home in PIERIA (where Apollo kept his cattle, and the royal Macedonian capital of Aegae was), except for his head.


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