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Apollo Musagetes (Leader of the Muses) statue in the Vatican      THE MUSES       Calliope, Muse of the Epic (Vatican)


Three Muses [Ephoros]Four Muses [Mnaseas]Seven Muses [Myrtilos]Nine Muses [Hesiod]
Melete ('practice')MeleteNeilousClio                   (History)
Aoide ('song')AoideTritoneEuterpe            (tragedy-flute)
Mneme ('memory')ArcheAsopusMelpomene     (tragedy-lyre)
ThelxiopeHeptapolisTerpsichore     (dance)
AcheloisErato                (hymns/lyre)
TmoplousPolyhymnia      (hymns)
RhodiaUrania              (Astronomy)
Thalieia            (Comedy)
Photos:Calliope           (Epic)
Apollo Musagetes
Calliope (Vatican)
[Calliope was the mother of Orpheus and Linus]

The Muse Thalia. with comic mask
(Living Room of a Pompeian House)
Wall painting of the Muse Thalia







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