and the
Rulers of Greece

French 50F coin, showing Heracles

W = 'worked for' B = 'battle/fought with'

W / B
WThespiaeKing Thespiuskilled a lion, and some rustlers
BOrchomenosKing Erginoscollection of Tribute from Thebes; Minyans
BArcadiaPholusGenocide of the Centaurs
W/BIolcusJasonThe Expedition of the Argonauts
BDryopesKing Theiodamas-
WElisKing AugeasLABOR V: The Augean Stables
WCreteKing MinosLABOR VII: The Cretan Bull
BThraceKing DiomedesLABOR VIII: The cannibalistic horses
W/BPheraeKing Admetussheepherder; wrestling with Thanatos for Alcestis
BColchisQueen HippolyteWar with the Amazons
BParossons of King Minoswar: took hostages
BMysiaKing Amykoskilled the king's brother Mygdon
WTroyKing Laomedonsaved the king's daughter Hesione from the sea serpent (cf. Perseus and Andromeda)
BAenosKing Poltyskilled the king's brother Sarpedon
BToroneKing Nereuskilled the King's sons, Polygonos and Telegonos
BErytheiaGeryonLABOR X: stole the cattle; killed the dog
BEryxKing Eryxkilled the king in a wrestling match
BArabiaKing Emathionkilled the king (during LABOR XI)
BEgyptKing Busiriskilled the king, son of Poseidon
BLibyaKing Antaeuskilled this son of Ge in a wrestling match
WOechaliaKing Eurytosbeat the king at archery; got the king's daughter, Iole
BTirynsIphitusson of Eurytus, killed because he called H. a cattle thief
--PylosKing Neleusrefused to purify Heracles for the murder of Iphitus, his brother-in-law
W/BDelphiApollo & Pythiaattacked the sacred shrine; made to be a slave for 3 years; sold to Omphale, Queen of Lydia
BTroyKing Laomedonkilled the king and all his sons, except Podarces (Priam)
BKosKing Eurypylos--
BOlymposGods and GiantsHeracles fought with the gods
BElisKing Augeasattack, unsuccessful until allies were destroyed and king got old
--ArcadiaKing Pheneusstayed with the king as an exile
BPylosKing Neleuskilled the king and his 11 sons, except Nestor
BSpartaKing Hippocoonkilled the king and his sons, with help from King Cepheus of Tegea, whose sister Auge bore a son Telephos for Heracles


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(New Rochelle: A. Caratzas 1986).
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Photo: France, 50 Francs (1976) , 'Agriculture', Heracles, 'Labor'


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