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Phi Delta Epsilon Official Website

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Phi Delta Epsilon Official Website

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Phi Delta Epsilon Official Website

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Major Changes to Bio Research at CSUN

As you already know, getting research experience is essential for any student hoping to break into the field of health and medicine. Up until this year, CSUN allowed students to get credit for biological research by enrolling in BIOL 499. Due to the budget crisis and subsequent cuts, BIOL 499 has been replaced with the radically different BIOL 495. Much more paperwork, meetings and approvals are now required if one wishes to receive credit for Independent Study at CSUN. Head over to the member database to get a copy of the syllabus and read more about this new program.

Sprint Discounts, Rebates and More

Need a new cell phone or a cheaper monthly phone bill for the upcoming semester? StudentRate is offering an amazing promotion:

Up to 23% Discount Monthly Recurring Fees
Waived Activation Fee
Free Shipping
$50.00 Credit to New Lines
$25.00 rebate from StudentRate for New Lines, and
Free Car Charger (micro usb) for new lines and qualified upgrades.

If you are planning on purchasing the HTC Evo 4G, there is a related promotion as well.

Free 2-Day Amazon Shipping

Want to get your books fast but don’t want to pay campus bookstore prices? Amazon has a new program called Amazon Student:

Amazon Prime free for one year ($79 value)
Unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping on textbooks and millions of other items
No minimum order size
Upgrades to One-Day shipping for $3.99/item
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It's free for students - sign up by providing your school and major

PhiDE Summer BBQ *Updated*

Thursday, July 15, 2010 12:30pm - 5:00pm at Reseda/Northridge Park (same location as RUSH event). This will not be coming out of the PhiDE budget; look at this event as more of a potluck BBQ.

Please RSVP on Facebook and spread the word to other chapters. Also, write on the Facebook wall if you can bring any of the following:

- 2 bags of chips
- hot dogs
- hot dog buns
- burger patties
- burger buns
- cheese
- ketchup/mustard
- water balloons
- case of water
- 1 bag of ice
- basketball/football/frisbee

Update: Due to the recent heat wave, the BBQ has been canceled. A new social event will be scheduled in the near future - stay tuned.

Gelfand Committee Summer Meeting #2 *Updated*

We will have a committee meeting on Friday, July 30th at 1pm upstairs in the Matador Bookstore Complex, flyers and posters will be provided to you at this time. Please let Thanh know whether you will or will not make it by Friday, July 23rd. During this meeting we will go over advertising and planning for the lecture.

We will start advertising at the beginning of August. Everyone will sign up for locations to post and leave flyers in the community. Check your e-mail for a list of locations/contacts, and please e-mail back with the list of locations you'd like to be assigned to. Once we get a complete list, we'll distribute the posters and flyers accordingly. Flyers and posters will be provided at our next meeting, as well as an additional sign-up list for locations on-campus for posting and distributing flyers.

Any questions or concerns, give Thanh a call.

Update: The meeting has been postponed. More info will be available here or at the first general meeting of the semester.