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Phi Delta Epsilon Official Website

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Phi Delta Epsilon Official Website

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Phi Delta Epsilon Official Website

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First Meeting of the Semester

The first Thursday of this semester, August 26th at 6:30pm (sharp!) we will meet in the Balboa Room. The room has been changed for this week only while we attempt to find a more consistent location than at the dorms. Since this meeting is mandatory, remember to notify Andrew or Dany by 6:30pm Wednesday night if you are unable to attend. Contracts will be signed and the new attendance policy will be enforced; further details will be given at the meeting. If you have anything you would like anything to be added to the agenda, please submit those by 6:30pm Wednesday night as well.

New Class Rotation System

Our sitting Secretary, Dany, is currently working on an exciting new project - to improve the current buddy system that is used for incoming members. The current plan is to move away from the Phi, Delta and Epsilon system into a more hands-on rotation of new members around the PhiDE committees. For more details you can download the word document from the member database, which outlines the current plan. Dany is looking for feedback on this preliminary system, so be sure to let him know what you think! And as this new system is still in its preliminary stages, it is subject to change.

Mad as Hell Doctors CA Tour

PNHP California is sponsoring the Mad As Hell Doctors 2010 California Tour in support of single payer. This tour includes 25 to 30 rallies to be held in 20 California cities starting September 23rd and ending on October 12th. On October 12th from 10am to 12pm, MAHD will be conducting a rally on the steps of the Sacramento Capitol Building. MAHD would love the support of the CaHPSA students during the Sacramento rally.

If you cannot come to the Sacramento rally, check out their website for more information. Local/semi-local events include the following: San Fernando 10/01, Venice 10/02, Pasadena 10/02.

This is a great opportunity for you to take some action. Here are three ways you can participate:

Show Up - Simply by being there, you are telling everyone that students care and support this issue.
Pitch In - You can help organize a MAHD event in your area!
Speak Out - For those of you who want to be heard, student speakers are welcome at any of these rallies!

Please email, and let her know how you can help. She will put you in touch with the right people.

Miracle Treat Day at DQ *Updated*

CMN, Phi Delta Epsilon’s main philanthropic focus, is having Miracle Treat Day on August 5. On this day, you'll have the chance to make miracles happen for sick and injured children in your area. All you have to do is buy a Blizzard treat on Thursday, August 5 at a participating DQ location and $1 or more from each Blizzard treat sale will be contributed to your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. It's that easy. Since 1984, DQ has raised over $81 million for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, so let’s make this year a record-breaking year! Buy a Blizzard treat on Thursday, August 5 and make miracles happen. Find a Participating DQ

Update: There will be a social event at the Orange Julius/Dairy Queen in the Northridge Fashion Center (9301 Tampa Ave Unit 75, Northridge) at 6pm to coincide with the CMN/DQ fundraiser.

Update 2: This social event will also be Diana’s bon voyage - she will be attending the Chicago Medical School of Rosalind University, so make sure to stop by and give her your best wishes!

Summer Retreat Attendees & Dates *Updated*

Current list of attendees for the Summer Retreat August 13-15:

Mellad, Ezequiel, Roxanna, Oswaldo, Casey, Tamy, Yasmin, Robbie, Jasmine, Lauren, Olga, Bianca, Andrew, Jorge, Ashley, Jonatan

If your name is listed here but you do not want to come, please let Mellad know. These names are based on who responded via e-mail first. As of now this is the maximum, but if any of these people decide not to go, we will have available spots. If you would like to be put on a waiting list, let Mellad know ASAP and he will put you on a list based on a first-come first-served basis.

We will be calling and reserving the cabin this weekend, so please respond ASAP. If people who are on the list do not respond, they will be taken off the list because we need to know who is going so that we can collect the fees for the trip.

More information to follow later this week, including the price of the retreat.

Update: Mellad is still awaiting responses from members who initially signed up. If we do not get enough responses from the people who are going we will have to cancel the retreat due to the price increasing to over $100. As it stands, there are only about 7 people who are confirmed attendees so RESPOND TO MELLAD ASAP!

Update 2: Due to conflicting schedules of many members, the Summer Retreat has been canceled.