Fraternity and Sorority Officer Tools

Greek 102


The purpose of Greek 102 is to serve as a continuing education conference centered on hazing prevention and value driven leadership training. A 90% chapter participation is required for all organizations to be fully recognized and to obtain recruitment privileges.

Session 1

9:00 a.m.

    • Check-in: Northridge Center, University Student Union

9:30 a.m.

    • Welcome
    • Equity and Diversity: Title IX Presentation
    • Hazing and Bystander Behavior
    • Speaker: Justin Jones-Fosu

Session 2

2:00 p.m.

    • Check-in: Northridge Center, University Student Union

2:30 p.m.

    • Welcome
    • Equity and Diversity: Title IX Presentation
    • Hazing and Bystander Behavior
    • Speaker: Justin Jones-Fosu

To register, please visit: https://greek102.eventbrite.com


Featured Speaker: Justin Jones-Fosu - A Bigger Pie: Building Collaboration in the Greater Campus Community

Would you rate the organizations on your campus as being more competitive or collaborative? If your campus is like mine was, then the fraternities and sororities may get along on the surface, but behind closed doors (and sometimes not so behind) there are divisive rivalries and unhealthy competition. Maybe it is a social club/organization that is having a program that seems quite similar to another program across campus and either one event has all the people, or people are split between the two events (assuming the campus community is interested in the event at all). Well your campus may not have embraced an appreciation for greater collaboration. So you may be wondering, well shouldn’t our organizations still have competition? They should, however, unhealthy competition should never erode the progress of effective collaboration. Have amazing fun learning how to see and act with great campus collaboration!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, you will:

    • Transition from unhealthy competition to purposeful collaboration by addressing individualism, versus collectivism and abundance versus scarcity.
    • Avoid bad collaboration to achieve collaboration that has a positive impact on your campus.
    • How to stop fighting over the pie, and work together to create a bigger pie.
    • Create a shared vision that is bigger than just one organization.
    • Create informal/formal networks to encourage collaborative communication. 



One of the greatest opportunities in college is to develop leadership skills and then use these skills in practical applications. Becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority opens the door to elected or appointed positions and committee participation.

Officers may use the tools below to best navigate CSUN fraternity and sorority leadership practices.

Chapter Roster Management

Directions for Updating Online Rosters

  • Each semester, beginning the week of finals, chapter rosters must be updated so as to run grade rankings for the entire Greek community. Below are the directions for what is expected no later than the Monday of finals week. Remove only members who are no longer part of the organization.
  • Make sure all current members and new members are listed and are assigned either as Member for active or Associate for new member (even if they have already been initiated this semester).
  • Make sure a grade release card has been submitted for each new member so their grades can be released to the chapter leadership.

Avoid changing new members to “actives” as we will do this only after grades for the semester are released. Aldo, do not remove members who are graduating until the grades are released.

All rosters (as reported online) are reported on Monday of finals week and will remain as is for grade checks.

In order to access your roster, click on the appropriate designated council below and enter your password and user ID under “chapter.”

Grade Standings