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The College of Humanities comprises eight departments: Asian American Studies, Chicana/o Studies, English, Gender and Women's Studies, Linguistics, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. The College is also home to seven interdisciplinary programs: American Indian Studies, Central American Studies, Humanities, Jewish Studies, Liberal Studies, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Queer Studies, and Russian Studies. The College offers 12 bachelor's degrees, four master's degrees, and 19 minor programs. The College plays a fundamental role in the university's general education program.


15-61 (.pdf)OpenChicana/o Studies History/Social ScienceAssistant Professor
15-64 Revised (.pdf)OpenChicana/o Studies Environmental Justice/GeographyAssistant Professor
15-67 Revised (.pdf)OpenEnglishCreative Writing: NarrativeAssistant Professor
15-68 (.pdf)OpenEnglish19th Century Trans-Atlantic Literature and CultureAssistant Professor
15-88 (.pdf)OpenLiberal StudiesDigital HumanitiesAssistant Professor
15-63 (.pdf)OpenLiberal StudiesPhilosophy of ScienceAssistant Professor
15-57 (.pdf)OpenLinguistics Assistant Professor
15-60 (.pdf)OpenModern and Classical Languages and LiteraturesChinese and JapaneseAssistant Professor
15-58 (.pdf)OpenModern and Classical Languages and LiteraturesSpanishAssistant Professor
15-65 (.pdf)OpenPhilosophy Assistant Professor
15-59 (.pdf)OpenReligious Studies Assistant Professor
15-62 (.pdf)OpenReligious Studies Assistant Professor