Volume 40:3

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1. Announcements CSUN Research Fellows Program, funded collaboratively by the Office of the Provost, the Colleges and the Library, is once again inviting tenured and probationary faculty to submit proposals…

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Volume 40:2

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1. Announcements It is with a considerable sadness that we note the recent passing of Charles Hatfield's father-in-law. Charles is away back east with his family, but he and his…

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Volume 40:1

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1. Announcements Before launching in to our traditional welcome's back and hope you all had great summers and it's going to be a great year ahead (all of which in…

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Volume 39:17

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1. Announcements A very special kudos to English Department graduates, the humblingly undeterrable and indefatigable Erick Gallegos, BA in Literature and Creative Writing, and the phenomenal mother/daughter duo, Dana Cobern…

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Volume 39:16

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1. Announcements We begin this issue of Thursday's Notes with a special tribute to and recognition of our amazing students and the very special announcement of where at least some of…

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Volume 38:5

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1. Announcements CSUN students, Sean Pessin and Norma Aceves, have founded a new Critical Theory Club, generously sponsored by Dr. Ranita Chatterjee as the Faculty Adviser. The group had its first meeting on October 21,…

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Volume 38:3

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1. Observation It is probably not my place to say so, but this issue of EOTN is being published a day and a half after our library and other parts…

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Volume 38:2

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1. Acknowledgments Kudos to our new Chair for having so graciously and seamlessly navigated these first daunting weeks of fall semester. And kudos to the rest of us for getting…

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Volume 38.1

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1. Announcements Welcome to the new Thursday's Notes, for it is, indeed, Thursday. Here's hoping you all had wonderful summers and are returning to classes refreshed and excited to meet…

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