“Remnants of Resistance” is a podcast uncovering hidden tales from queer history in CSUN’s Special Collections and Archives, and it will record its final episode (for now) on Oct. 17, 2023, at 11 a.m.-noon in the Ferman Presentation Room of the University Library. The episode will feature a panel of this semester’s participants, consisting of students and faculty members — including our colleagues Danielle Spratt and Colleen Tripp. The podcast is sponsored by Queer Studies, and it can found at many podcast outlets. The trailer and first episode (Dr. Tripp and QS student Loreal Wimberly’s “Gender, Sex, and the Cosmos in Horror Pulps: From Weird Tales Magazine to Christopher Pike’s ’90s Horror Novels”) is up now, and a new episode will drop every Friday (coming this Friday, “It’s the 1950s– Where’s my lesbian bar!?”). Each episode comes with a companion website, links to resources mentioned, specific items from the collection used in the research, transcripts for accessibility, bios, headshots, and summaries!  Here is the link for Dr. Tripp’s episode. 

At the annual Waves Publication and Awards Ceremony on Oct. 6, 2023 in the USU Grand Salon, students were honored for their compositions from first-year writing courses. The winning works were: “The Laws of Languages” by Aayushi; “The Country Life and the Country’s Life” by Sofie Parks;  “Connecting with Readers in Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine” by Stanley Santoso; “Charmed Empathy” by Robert Sahakyan; “Why Going to Biology as a Literature and Writing Hater Is a Bad Idea” by Marine Barsegyan; and “Dear People of Trader Joe’s” by Valerie Dominguez. The judges were Margeaux Gamboa-Wong and Janice M. Robinson, with assistance from Corie Mesa and LeeAndra Chergey.

CSUN’s first Artificial Intelligence Pedagogy Showcase, scheduled for Spring 2024, is looking for presentation proposals (and reviewers) with a Nov. 1, 2023, deadline. The call-for-papers states, “This event will help to spread pedagogy on the productive and ethical use of AI programs within humanities classrooms.” The event is intended to explore innovative pedagogy and to “inspire faculty who are less confident with new technologies to learn new ways to tackle difficult conversations about the ways in which tools help or hinder our growth, depending on our use of them.” Here is the link for the CFP. For information, contact AISHOWCASEATCSUN@GMAIL.COM.


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