Welcome to The Grammar Lab in the Learning Resource Center!

We offer individualized tutoring for students who want to focus on sentence-level issues and polish their written English. Whether you are a native English speaker or a speaker of multiple languages, if you need help with sentence fragments, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, or any other aspect of written English, our grammar consultants can help you. We know that it can be hard to catch your own mistakes, so looking at your writing with a trained consultant can help you learn to write sentences that accurately reflect your thoughts.

If you bring in a sample of your written work, during your first 50-minute appointment we'll help you to identify your own most common mistakes, and we'll develop a plan with you for working on those issues. We'll offer suggestions for proofreading your papers on your own, help you to understand underlying grammar rules, give you time to practice correcting your mistakes, and provide you with help sheets for common grammatical errors. Since we know that perfecting writing is a process, we encourage you to make weekly appointments with our consultants, who are part-time faculty or graduate level students trained in teaching English language grammar. Though they will not edit your paper for you, they will empower you with strategies for doing so yourself!

We're open Monday through Friday during the hours posted on the left. You can make an appointment by calling the Learning Resource Center at 818-677-2033.

What Students Are Saying about the Grammar Lab

"Gretchelle is an amazing tutor. Thank you for having her at the Grammar Lab."

"Anna is an excellent tutor who is very passionate in teaching! I feel I have made good progress with her for the past few weeks."

"The Grammar Lab has helped me a lot. Gretchelle was an especially good teacher for me today. I really like how she helped me understand the problems with my grammar."

"For me, to understand English is really hard, especially because the grammar is so different from my language. But Arin never gave up in explaining to me. I'm so glad that I can come to him for help with my grammar."

"Arin was great! Patient, funny, lots of examples! I'll be coming back to him."

"It was a very useful session with Gretchelle. I learned about Verb Tense and Comma Structure. I will come every week for Grammar Lab."

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for designing and implementing the new Grammar Lab (50-minute one-on-one tutoring sessions).  The campus already knows about the quality work that LRC does in a range of areas, including writing. This new "drop-in" Grammar Lab adds to this existing strength.

In my classes students can revise their submitted work, rectify serious errors in language use, and receive back missed points for an assignment.  Already this semester I've seen two students who not only revised their work well but also showed me a slip of paper indicating that they visited the Grammar Lab for assistance.  My hunch is that several other students have benefited from this new service but didn't show me their visit slip.  Further, I've kept a record of these two students and their work on their first writing assignment.  Both improved on their second writing assignment; in fact, one student did not make a single grammar or language use error on his second writing assignment, despite the second writing assignment being harder and longer.

This is early, preliminary evidence that this new Grammar Lab is contributing directly to the success of our student-professionals.

I've discussed your Lab directly with a couple of other faculty.  I will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks again for all the work you, your faculty and staff colleagues, and the wonderful student TAs are doing to assist our student-professionals in all manner of composition, prose, and rhetoric, including language use and grammar."

Wayne Smith, Ph.D., Department of Management