Welcome to The Grammar Lab in the Learning Resource Center!

We offer individualized tutoring for students who want to focus on sentence-level issues and polish their written English. Whether you are a native English speaker or a speaker of multiple languages, if you need help with sentence fragments, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, or any other aspect of written English, our grammar consultants can help you. We know that it can be hard to catch your own mistakes, so looking at your writing with a trained consultant can help you learn to write sentences that accurately reflect your thoughts.

If you bring in a sample of your written work, during your first 50-minute appointment we'll help you to identify your own most common mistakes, and we'll develop a plan with you for working on those issues. We'll offer suggestions for proofreading your papers on your own, help you to understand underlying grammar rules, give you time to practice correcting your mistakes, and provide you with help sheets for common grammatical errors. Since we know that perfecting writing is a process, we encourage you to make weekly appointments with our consultants, who are part-time faculty or graduate level students trained in teaching English language grammar. Though they will not edit your paper for you, they will empower you with strategies for doing so yourself!

We're open Monday through Friday during the hours posted on the left. You can make an appointment by calling the Learning Resource Center at 818-677-2033.

Can't come in to work with us right away but need help? Maybe one of these online grammar resources can help you in the meantime to answer a specific question.

Online Grammar Resources

Online Grammar Resources

Using English

English Grammar Secrets

Grammar Bytes

Grammar Exercises, Grammar Checker, and Grammar Rules

Online Grammar Quizzes

Word Hippo - learn new words and explore known words by finding their meanings, opposites, rhymes, and more

Grammar Videos from Walden University - explore parts of speech and sentence construction with helpful videos

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

Read and Write (downloadable software offered through the CSUN DRES Office)

Or Try These Apps!

LearnEnglish Grammar (US edition) iOS and Android

English Grammar (Tenses Test) iOS only

English Grammar (Book) iOS and Android

Correct Me English (Grammar help) iOS only


Grammar Lab Feedback

"For me, to understand English is really hard, especially because the grammar is so different from my language. But Arin never gave up in explaining to me. I'm so glad that I can come to him for help with my grammar."

"Arin was great! Patient, funny, lots of examples! I'll be coming back to him."

"The Grammar Lab has helped me a lot. Gretchelle was an especially good teacher for me today. I really like how she helped me understand the problems with my grammar."