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Campus Quality Fee Appendix N

Web Feedback: Mixed Comments Related to the Campus Quality Fee Proposal 

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If the increase is for sports, I do not feel that school spirit is something that my money should go to. Also, there is already sufficient access to technology around the campus. As someone who would not be going to college without financial aid, it would be nice to have other services to receive even more financial aid. For me every semester is a financial struggle as a student. What would these services entail? If the benefits are applicable to students in a direct way that we will see in the next few years, then a small increase in fees should is worth the money.   X     X X
The University has to keep up with changing times- which means a changing economy, and hence, rises in costs everywhere. It is important for us students to be able to afford a quality education, but at the same, we have to understand that there is certain funding that has to be met. HOPEFULLY, the government steps it up and is willing to continue to subsidize a large amount of the Cal State University tuitions; but it is also likely that student costs will be increased too. As a student with a very limited income, and borrowing the maximum amount of financial aid loans, of course I would like to pay as little as possible- but at the same time, I would not want my education, or the quality of the University to be sabotaged to achieve this.           X
I understand the reasoning or rationale behind the proposed fee; however, many students are already struggling financially to keep up with the tuition and fees that are already in place. Adding an additional fee at this time when there is already talk of the university fee being increased, when gas prices are hurting students who commute, would be a tremendous and discouraging blow to many students.           X
My primary concern is that this increase will likely ride on the back of a CSU-wide increase. It also represents a subsidy of certain areas (e.g., labs), which currently have user fees, which raises some equity issues; for other programs selected to benefit from this subsidy, such as athletics, do not seem a wise or appropriate choice in these harsh economic times. For only an introductory period students will have some increased funding and increased control of those funds; yet the distribution of those funds may not be equitable or manifest itself as hoped (the pie is pretty small and it's only on the table for a short time). The fee increase will give the university lots more flexibility with funds, plus cover other costs, so administratively it clearly has positives. I am not entirely convinced that the cost/benefit analysis works out for individual students, particularly with the money ear-marked for athletics. (I say this even as a big sports fan and former college athlete). X       X  
In review of the "Statements For and Against the Fee Proposal," I agree that lab fees should be the individual student's responsibility. However, the arguments that school spirit, school athletics, and the fact that many students only come for a degree and don't care about these "things" is very short-sighted and discounts an average student's experience at any school. We, students, are in a community and are (or should be) aware that our hallways, classrooms, gyms, campus culture, and experience with non-academic aspects of our campus affect us directly. This is true for State University, community college, and even high school. In addition, the idea that students only account for a small percentage of control is misplaced, as this is true for education at any level. Students do need more control, but we are transitory and more often than not, we are not affected after a relatively short campus life. I do believe the students must have a controlling interest in the outcome of this proposal, but the statements seem very narrow. X       X  
I can see where the amount that we pay and the amount it actually costs doesn't add up and isn't really the best thing, but I think that some of these labs that people are told they need are going to be less inclined to taking them if they are required to pay more, in addition to buying the books and sometimes required to buying some of their own equipment. X          
I think we need to consider whether the CSU will be raising fees as well. I support the fee increase IF students will be able to see a qualitative difference in the experiences on campus.            
This could be a good thing, but it depends on the fee amount.            

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