Student Affairs

Approved Allocations 2013-2014

Approved Allocations for Student Services and Technology
ProposalStudent ServicesTechnology
Access to Deaf Related Materials Collection14,890 
Add USB Power Outlets to Dining Facilities 10,735
ARC/EOP Career Graduate Student's Intern Program32,780 
ARC/EOP Discovery! Program3,100 
ARC/EOP Peer Advisory Mentor Program48,000 
Bike Racks in Sierra Hall30,000 
Bioengineering Student Research Incubator Space 20,517
Campus Quality Fee Funding Proposal9,100 
Campus Wide Interior Corridor Bench Project200,000 
Career/Academic Planning for Deaf Students14,325 
CECS Peer Lab Assistants and Extended Lab Hours 97,500
Co-curricular Support for Student Success in Business and Economics Courses225,167 
College of Education Student Work Space and Computer Lab 23,447
Creating a Learning Community; Tutoring and Mentoring Students with Lifelong Skills7,546 
CSUN Major's Fair4,000 
Digital Creative Commons 113,800
Digitization of the CSUN Master's Thesis Print Collection 20,000
Education Advisory Board80,000 
Enhance Performance through Nutritional Assessment Svcs. To the CSUN Student-Athletes15,932 
Enhancing Mental Health114,800 
e-Reader and Research Assistance iPad Project 9,500
Facilitated Academic Workshops25,000 
First Time Freshman Explore Workshop7,300 
Hands-on Machining Training for Lower Division Engineering Students28,918 
Improving Pathways Functionality and Interactivity 105,000
Informal Learning Spaces - JD 2nd floor44,863 
Job Development62,620 
Language Acquisition support services: Modern Languages Tutoring for Increased Student Success51,200 
Language and Literacy Development for the CSUN Community: Enhancing Services in CHS Writing Center19,331 
Lecture Capture 210,000
Lecture capture for the Humanities 26,725 88,615
MCCAMC Student Facility Supervisors51,000 
MCCAMC Student Technical Assistants 30,600
Microsoft Office & Windows 277,285
Mobile Device Charging Stations 14,765
Mobile Device Charging Stations 40,500
N-Reach Collaborative Initiative Enhancement/Continuation of the Alumni to Students Mentoring and Advisement Initiative48,000 
On-line Job Search - Step by Step Guides37,398 
Oviatt Library Extended Hours for Finals59,095 
Patron E-Book Plan through subscription87,731 
Peer Learning Facilitators in Science69,750 
Portal 2.0 and Standard Mobile Applications  175,000
Reserves Textbook Project22,000 
Safety and Manufacturing Training 22,500
Scholarship Enhancement Project17,999 
Science, Technology & Mathematics Education Computer Resources 36,450
Smart Grid and Alternative Energy Resources Educational Platform in the ECE Department 22,000
Software packages to enhance student learning 22,500
Sports Psychology Postdoctoral Clinical Internship44,800 
Streaming Video Collection 49,846
Student Assistant Mentorship Program41,425 
Student Nutrition and Cooking Knowledge (SNACK)14,800 
Student Software Access 200,000
Students Assisting Students 14,040
Study Room Reservation Pilot Project1,304 
Support for Trained Laboratory Assistants to Increase Laboratories Accessibility for Engineering Students 24,100
Technological Preservation of Deaf Related Publications National Center on Deafness Library19,780 
The Early Warning System (TEWS)92,571 
The Zone - The Child and Adolescent Development Learning Commons78,451 
Theatre Research as Practice Lab: Technology and Performance18,953 
Veteran and LGBTQ Peer Mentor Programs61,920 
Wireless Enhancements  30,000
Writing and Statistics Tutoring Lab33,659 
Writing Skills and mentoring for children's Social Workers16,676