Student Affairs

Approved Allocations 2018-2019

2018-2019 Funded Campus Quality Fee Proposals
Category Title Student Services Technology
Access to tutors and mentors to improve academic course performance and skills such as writing, research, and math.
P1819932 Student Success Through Tutoring and Mentoring 53,760  
P1819894 Co-curricular Support for Student Success in Business and Economics 219,564  
P1819978 Faciliated Academic Workshop (FAW) 45,168  
P1819942 Peer Learning Facilitators for Kinesiology Exercise Physiology Courses 68,060  
P1819939 Strengthening All Students Learning through Tutoring and Writing Support in Chicana/o Studies 51,300  
P1819979 Critical Thinking Peer Mentors Program 66,564  
P1819875 Philosophy Tutoring Program 12,480  
P1819973 Statistics, Methods and Writing Tutoring Center 23,400  
P1819910 Science-Specific Peer-Learning Facilitators and Tutoring 223,120  
P1819958 College of Science and Math SSC/EOP Tutoring Services 11,500  
P1819960 Mathematics Tutoring Center: An Essential Learning Environment to Promote Student Success 110,000  
Access to mentoring and advising to support personal, financial, academic and career success.
P18191003 The EOP DREAM Center: Providing Innovative Support Services for the Changing Needs of Students Impacted by Undocumented Immigration 231,149  
P18191001 Matador Achievement Center Tutorial Support 50,000  
P1819925 Mentoring and Peer Programs: Interactive Database 3,000  
P1819885 CSUN VITA Clinic: 2018-2019 17,980  
P18191004 Peer Mentors for ECS Student Services Center 16,132  
P1819895 Peer Financial Mentoring Program 32,880  
P1819891 The Asian American Studies Pathways Project: Sustaining Student Support Services and Success in Ethnic Studies 51,260  
P1819900 Revolutionary Scholars Project: A Resource Space for Criminal Justice-Impacted Students 33,000  
P1819982 African American/Black Student Success Initiative 50,600  
P1819944 Black House Cultural and Academic Enrichment Center 2018 52,419  
P1819921 Center for Achievement in Psychological Science 30,100  
P1819948 Minority Male Mentoring (M3) 31,000  
P1819977 Sociology Peer Mentoring Program 19,450  
P1819899 Student Health Professionals Pre-Entry Program (SHP-PEP) 10,832  
Supervised access to academic lab spaces to provide safe use of equipment, tech support, and/or extended lab hours.
P1819954 Graduate & Undergraduate ISA Staffing for Instructional Labs in the Department of Art 42,240  
P1819908 MCCAMC Student Technology Assistants/Tutors 51,000  
P1819905 MCCAMC Student Tupros/Resource Supervisors 51,000  
P1819927 Technology Support for Music Composition Recitals and Workshops 7,500  
P18191000 CECS Peer Lab Student Assistants and Extended Lab Hours 105,000  
P1819907 Peer Students assisting Students 17,280  
P1819901 Laboratory assistants to increase accessibility and ensure safety for MSEM students 23,040  
P1819924 Support for Trained Laboratory Assistants to Increase Laboratories Accessibility for Engineering Students 28,980  
P1819870 The Zone CADV Learning Commons 17,500  
P1819911 Humanities Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Lab 33,185  
P1819912 Computer Resources for Support of On-campus, Online and Hybrid Activities in the College of Science and Mathematics   46,000
Access to library collection and resources, including material in digital and streaming video format, course textbooks, eompucter check-out, and extended hours.
P1819898 Library Creative Media Studio Hardware and Software Refresh   58,950
P1819902 Library Learning Commons Technology Laptop/Tablet Refresh and Expansion   135,200
P1819906 Library Learning Commons Technology Mobile Hot Spot Lending   5,000
P1819955 Oviatt Library Extended Hours During Finals 43,133  
P1819878 Reserve Textbook Project 30,000  
P1819867 Streaming Video Collection   24,300
Access to career and academic pathways exporation and guidance, and development of employment opportunities.
P1819969 Informational Workshops for Student Success 13,679  
P1819984 Education Day at CSUN 4,250  
P1819965 Puente: A Bridge to Graduation and Allied Health Careers 12,500  
P1819996 IT Portfolium Student Ambassadors Extension 75,000  
P1819988 Tablet-based Career Education 14,884  
Access to mental health/personal counseling services, nutrition and sustainability education, and sexual assault and safety training resources
P1819869 Project DATE - Preventing Rape and Sexual Assault 45,538  
P1819928 Matador Wellness Garden and Student Products 30,350  
P1819964 Matadors Getting Fueled! 35,530  
P1819935 Student Nutrition and Cooking Knowledge (SNACK) on Social Media 33,000  
P1819950 CSUN Sustainability Workshop Series: An Urban Dweller’s Guide to Sustainable Living 10,492  
P1819890 Enhancing Mental Health 128,700  
P1819892 Peers 2 Peers Coordination 66,495  
Access to online academic lectures and tutorials, including lecture capture &
P1819914 Adobe Creative Cloud   70,000
P1819957 Improving Student Skills through Virtual Interactions 22,500  
P1819972 Student Learning and Success Enhancement: Developing Decision-Making and Optimization Software Tutorial Videos for Engineering Management Students 10,200  
P1819970 IT and SA Beacons: Here & Now Engagement   21,700
P1819991 IT Lecture Capture Extension   127,840
P1819993 IT Extension   127,000
P1819994 IT myCSUNsoftware Extension   195,000
Access to imformation about campus resources, services, events, news and information through social media, video, displays, print and electronic publications.
P1819989 Access and innovation in practical news production 68,000  
P1819920 Matador Digital Information Screens Refresh   66,089
P1819952 Campus Scholarship System Integration Project   26,460
P1819998 Student Communication Campus Quality Fee Proposal 37,575  
Improving student wireless network in outside spaces.
P1819987 IT Wi-Fi Enhancement - Oviatt Library & Parking Structure   302,000
Support for IT Help Center, mobile applications and student portal.
P1819941 IT Chat Support Extension   41,600
P1819992 IT Student Mobile App and Portal Enhancements Extension   235,820
Support for instructional activities including equipment purchase.
P1819883 Student Support: American Sign Language Skills Cloud-Based Video Feedback Platform   17,995
P1819981 MATLAB for Students to Use on Personal Machines   36,000
P1819936 Students solving environmental challenges: applications of aerial mapping technology   18,499
P1819887 College Scheduler   32,000
P1819983 The Soraya Student Connection 23,754  
P1819975 Drinking Fountain Water Bottle Refill Stations 22,055  
P1819971 Adding Bike Racks   23,138
P1819913 Additional Skateboard Racks on Campus 17,613  
P1819884 HIP (Housing Instability Project) Case Management Partnership 25,934  
P1819918 EBT Readers   12,970
  Totals: 2,662,625 1,623,561