TUC Sponsored Programs

New Budget Revision Procedure

March 1, 2017

Dear Principal Investigators:


The University Corporation is pleased to announce another improvement as part of our ongoing PRO-PI initiative. Working closely with the Office of Advisory Services at the Chancellor’s Office, we have developed a new ‘Budget Revision Procedure’ aimed at reducing your administrative effort and shortening processing times.


Until now, even a minor deviation from an agency-approved budget required submission of a “Budget Revision Request’ form to ORSP and a change of budget in PeopleSoft. By taking advantage of the ‘ Federal Rebudgeting Authority’ this process will now be significantly streamlined for federal grants. Additionally, responsibility for processing budget revisions will be transferred from the CSUN Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) to TUC– Sponsored Programs.


How does it work?

-          Simply submit your expenditure request (Check Request, Purchase Order, Timesheet, etc.) to TUC for processing.

-          Your SP Liaison will review the expenditure request and determine if it is within the rebudgeting limits of the respective granting agency.

-          If your request exceeds the budget but is within the rebudgeting limits, we will simply process the request, without any further action required on your part.

-          If your request exceeds the rebudgeting authority, your SP-Liaison will contact you and discuss the need for a budget revision.


Rebudgeting authority varies from agency to agency but is generally 25% of the total award amount for each cost category. Please note that this applies only to federal direct and pass-through grants, not to federal contracts or awards from non-federal agencies.


For more details, please refer to the attached procedure, or contact your SP-Liaison. We will also post the procedure on our website, shortly.


We are happy to implement this new procedure and hope that it will support your efforts in successfully executing your projects.


Best Regards,






Georg Jahn

Director, Sponsored Programs & Strategic Planning