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Registration Information

What are the keys to a Successful Registration?

  • Plan ahead. Be sure to do long term planning with your Academic Advisor prior to priority registration.

  • Register on time. Know when your registration time is and be sure to take care of any delinquencies before registration begins.

Please read the following paragraphs to learn more about registration at CSUN.

When do I register?

Advance Registration generally begins mid semester, however, students are assigned a specific registration date. Registration dates are based upon number of units completed, class standing, as well as other factors such as involvement in certain groups or activities..

Registration Action mailers are sent to the student’s mailing address notifying them of their specific registration date and time. If you do not receive a notice at least a week prior to Priority Registration, please contact Admissions and Records, and they will be happy to assist you.

How do I register?

Online Registration

CSUN has converted to a new data system called SOLAR (Student On-Line Administrative Resources). The SOLAR System has replaced the old Web Service Portal and it is the system that supports registration, fee payment, financial aid, academic records and other processes.

The SOLAR system is available through the new portal at Students can use the SOLAR System for Registration:

  • Adding and dropping classes

  • Paying your tuition and fees

  • Viewing your financial aid information

  • Getting your grades, unofficial transcripts, enrollment verifications

  • Updating your address, phone number

Why am I being blocked from ’College of Science and Mathematics’ classes?

There are several reasons you might be blocked. Please be sure to write down the error message you are receiving to find the reason for the block. Then call the Department office to check the reason for error.

Prerequisite Not Met

If a class that you wish to register for requires a prerequisite, you will need to take that prerequisite before you try enrolling for the new class. Students occasionally wish to take a prerequisite for a course at a Community College. If this is the case, then please visit and check whether you can transfer the credit for that class from the Community College to CSUN.

Co-requisite Not Met

If a class that you wish to register for requires a co-requisite, you will need to enroll for the co-requisite simultaneously.

Class is full

  • If you have some flexibility in your schedule, try to see what other courses you can take in place of the closed course. This is especially true if you haven't yet fulfilled the College's continuance requirements.

  • See if there is another course which can "substitute" for the course you need.

  • Check the department office to see if there is a waiting list for the course. Sometimes, depending on demand, the Department Chair will (a) increase the size of the class or (b) make arrangements for a new section to be offered. Departments use waiting lists to monitor demand.

  • Attend the class you wish you enroll for, on the first official day of that class. The instructor of that class might have a waiting list for the course.

  • Talk with your advisor to determine if it is a course that you need in the coming semester in order to graduate on time.