Extra Unit Authorization

Students may enroll in the maximum number of units shown below. Undergraduate students wishing to attempt additional units must obtain the following approval:

Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Students on Academic Notice (formerly Academic Probation) or Academic Performance Agreement – You may enroll in 13 units maximum. To request extra units for fall or spring semesters, consult with an academic advisor before submitting this form.
  • Students in Good Standing – You may enroll in 18 units maximum, or 21 units for graduating seniors. To request extra units in fall or spring semesters, submit this form.

Summer Term

  • All Students  – You may enroll in 13 units maximum across all sessions. To request extra units for the summer term, submit this form.

Winter Session

  • All Students – You may enroll in 4 units maximum in winter session. To request up to 6 units maximum, submit this form.

The associate dean of your major (or Undergraduate Studies for Exploratory majors) will review this request and email you with the decision. If approved, your Extra Unit Authorization form will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for processing. You can add approved extra units, provided there is space available or you have a permission number, beginning with the Nonrestrictive Registration period published in the Registration Calendar.

If needed, visit About Colleges to find the College of your Major.

Refer to your Degree Progress Report (DPR) for the next three questions.

List additional planned coursework below:

Course 1
Course 2

My electronic submission certifies the information contained on this form is complete and accurate. It also authorizes the Associate Dean to obtain necessary documents and to verify submitted information.

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