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Final Exam Information

When are finals?

Final examinations are held during the week following the last day of formal instruction. Note the last day your classes meet on a weekday and/or a weekend.

  • Fall and Spring Semesters: Find exact dates in the Registration Calendar.
  • Summer Term: Final exams are held on the last class meeting. Confirm with your instructor.

View Your Final Exam Schedule

Your current semester final exam schedule displays in myNorthridge Portal on the  Academics tab in the My Current Classes box. Helpful guide: How to View Your Final Exam Schedule.

It is good practice to recheck and confirm your final exam schedule as follows:

  • After the fifth week of classes, revisit your final exam schedule in the portal to check for updates. It’s rare, but exam times and/or locations can change.
  • Confirm your final exam schedule with your instructor or the academic department a few weeks before finals.

If you see any issues with your exam schedule, resolve them as soon as possible before final exam week begins. See “What if I can’t attend a final exam?” below.

What if I can’t attend a final exam?

Bring any final exam time conflicts or other issues to the attention of your instructor as soon as you notice them and before final exams week begins.

  • If you see a final exam time conflict between any two of your courses, contact both instructors immediately so they can help you resolve it.
  • If you cannot attend a scheduled final exam, make alternate arrangements with your instructor to take the exam at another time or to request a grade of Incomplete.

Please review the Final Examination Policy.