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Student FAQs

UPDATED – Feb. 3, 2022

Will the entire spring 2022 semester be online?

No, CSUN is beginning the first three weeks of spring semester with virtual instruction. This is a temporary measure that will allow what is anticipated to be a mid-January spike in COVID-19 cases to subside before a return to in-person learning. We are planning for on-campus instruction to begin on Monday, February 14 while continuing to closely monitor COVID-19 cases and all Los Angeles Public Health guidelines

I’m fully vaccinated and have received my booster shot. Why can’t I come on campus?

The health and safety of the entire community continues to be the driving force of every decision we make. Infectious disease and public health experts forecast a mid-January spike in COVID-19 cases. This extension will allow eligible members of our CSUN community to fulfill the booster requirement, and also take into account anticipated increased positive test results, isolation periods and caregiving responsibilities in our community.

What are the vaccination and booster requirements?

Per the CSU COVID-19 Vaccination Interim Policy, faculty, staff and student employees, working on campus, are expected to provide certification of full vaccination status or request a medical or religious exemption or certify they are not physically coming to campus. All students with a vaccination exemption must test each week when on campus.

In addition, to be in alignment with in-person courses resuming on February 14, 2022, all eligible students and non-represented employees will be expected to provide proof of a booster shot by February 4, 2022 or as soon thereafter as they are eligible according to CDC guidelines.

Students who have not had a booster shot will be required to test weekly while on campus until certification of a booster shot is submitted.

To begin the certification process, please log into the MyNorthridge Portal and follow the directions to complete the attestation and certification. For helpful step-by-step screen shots, please visit COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements. If you have questions, please email shcinfo@csun.edu.

Where and how can I schedule an on-campus test?

  • Students who have not had a booster shot will be required to test weekly while on campus until certification of a booster shot is submitted.
  • All students with a vaccination exemption must test each week when on campus.
  • Free COVID testing is available on campus.
  • Also, to minimize viral spread, all students are encouraged to take a COVID test before attending their first on-campus class

I’m already vaccinated. Why is CSUN requiring me to get a booster shot?

Per the CSU’s announcement on Dec. 22, CSUN will require faculty, staff and students who are accessing university facilities or programs to receive a vaccine booster shot to be fully immunized against COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, studies show after getting vaccinated against COVID-19, protection against the virus and the ability to prevent infection with variants may decrease over time and due to changes in variants. The recent emergence of the Omicron variant emphasizes the importance of vaccinations, boosters and prevention efforts as the most effective protection against infection and severe disease.

I don’t feel safe coming back to campus in-person. What is CSUN doing to keep students and employees safe?

Our campus is working hard to ensure that all students and employees are safe and comfortable.

  • Vaccines and booster shots are required of all students and employees. Exceptions are available only for those with medical or religious exemptions, and those with exemptions are required to test negatively on a weekly basis. Over 92% of students and 97% of employees have certified/attested to being vaccinated.
  • In addition, CSUN requires daily self-screening to further reduce the presence of symptomatic individuals from attending in-person activities.
  • The campus continues to require masks in all in- door and instructional spaces.
  • We encourage social distancing to the extent it is practical, though the social distance 6’ mandate is no longer required.
  • The campus continues to frequently sanitize high touch surfaces, and hand sanitizer and cleaning materials are available throughout the campus.
  • The Klotz Student Health Center (SHC) does active contact tracing on campus cases in order to prevent transmission.
  • And, to further minimize the risk of transmission, the campus has had every HVAC system independently assessed by a third-party mechanical peer reviewer, P2S Engineering, and has installed MERV 13 filters to better capture virus particulates should they be present.

The campus follows all LA County Public Health mandates.

I was fully online for the fall semester. Do I need to complete the self-attestation process for spring?

Yes, all students who attested that they were not coming to campus in the fall must complete the self-attestation process for the spring semester. You can update your status for the spring by visiting the COVID-19 Vaccine Certification.

How/where do I show proof of my vaccination status, or declare a medical or religious exemption?

To begin the certification process, please log into the myNorthridge Portal following the directions to complete the instructions. To review the student COVID-19 certification process, described with helpful step-by-step screen shots, please visit COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements. If you have questions, please email shcinfo@csun.edu.

What are the acceptable vaccines, including those for international students?

Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson/Janssen are the three COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States under FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

Students living outside of the United States may only have access to other COVID-19 vaccinations. CSUN international students who have been fully vaccinated with the required doses by any of the World Health Organization-approved vaccinations below meet the requirements of CSUN’s COVID-19 immunization policy. International students not fully vaccinated will be asked to complete their series with vaccines authorized in the United States.

  • Pfizer-BioNTech (e.g., COMIRNATY, Tozinameran)
  • Moderna
  • Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)
  • AstraZeneca-Oxford (e.g., Covishield, Vaxzevria)
  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac

What if I’m not fully vaccinated yet or have an exemption?

Unvaccinated students, until fully vaccinated, or those who request a medical or religious exemption, must undergo weekly COVID-19 testing.

I’ve already tested positive for COVID. Do I still need to get vaccinated?

Yes, you will still need to get vaccinated. The CSU policy does not allow for exemptions for those who have had COVID-19, and public health officials recommend vaccination for people who have previously tested positive for COVID-19.

Is my information confidential?

All information submitted through the MyHealth portal is confidential and accessible to Student Health Center and university personnel with a required need to know.

Do I need to complete a daily health screening even if I’m vaccinated?

Students who come to campus are required to complete the online daily health screening for students through the CSUN app or student portal before coming to campus for any purpose including entry and on-going testing, to attend a class, appointment, service, or to participate in an on- or off-campus program or activity. This applies to all students whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Do these policies apply to CSUN student employees?

Students working at CSUN, including students employed by the Associated Students, University Student Union or the University Corporation need to comply with the vaccination and testing policies for employees. Student employees who have not been contacted directly by their employer should check with their supervisor to confirm the proper procedures to be followed.

Will there still be a mask requirement on campus if everyone is vaccinated?

The requirement for face coverings is based upon local and state public health guidelines, which are monitored closely. While on campus you must wear an appropriate mask while inside buildings. Medical or procedure masks are preferred. Cloth masks are no longer recommended.

Will the library be open?

The University Library is now open for current CSUN students, faculty, and staff. Find out about library hours, spring 2022 service updates, library entrance requirements and more by visiting the University Library website.

Where will I be able to eat on campus?

Matador eateries are prepared for walk-in customers and in-house dining that is in accordance with LA County Public Health guidelines. Additionally, guests can take advantage of the new Boost mobile ordering system. Download the Boost app on your phone to customize your order ahead of time, pay and pick up at your convenience. For the most current offerings and hours, visit the Matador Eats website.

How do I get water on campus?

The water fountains on campus are working. In addition, water filling stations will continue to be available for employees and students. Please view this map for water filling station locations: https://www.csun.edu/sustainability/bottle-refilling.

What will student life look like?

Student Life and Support offers an array of resources for a full and rewarding Matador experience. Check the website often for updates from everything from health and wellness resources to social and cultural involvement opportunities.