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Returning to Campus: What to Expect

Employee Quick Guide: What To Expect When Returning To Campus


  • Your administrator will work with you on what your on-campus work schedule will be. This will be formalized in writing with you a minimum of 21 days before your return to work on campus date and whenever operationally possible, 30 days beforehand.
  • Administrators have been asked to provide flexibility in scheduling around caretaker responsibilities to the extent possible, while factoring operational needs.

Safety Protocols

All employees have a collective responsibility to conduct their work in a manner which promotes their personal health and safety, as well as that of their co-workers and students. You will be responsible for:

  • completing CSUN’s on-line Return to Campus training module before performing any work on campus
  • completing the daily health screening survey each day working on campus
  • staying home if sick
  • wearing a face covering indoors (including vehicles and carts on campus)
  • washing hands regularly
  • limited breakroom use (check with your Department COVID Coordinator)
  • participating in weekly COVID-19 testing or selecting opt out option by self- certifying you are fully vaccinated in the MyNorthridge portal

Around Campus

  • There is a Department COVID Coordinator designated for every work area on campus who will ensure the work area adheres to safety protocols and has appropriate PPE, and cleaning supplies, including extra disposable face covering and hand sanitizer.
  • Signage will be placed around campus to advise all including visitors of safety protocols.
  • Please use signage to remind any visitors/colleagues in your area and offer extra disposable face coverings for those who may not be wearing a mask. Enlist the support of your administrator when needed.
  • Restrooms, classrooms, and office spaces will be cleaned at increased rates.
  • Building HVAC systems have been adjusted to maximize outside air intake and air filters have been upgraded to MERV 13 filters as recommended by the CDC and CalOSHA.
  • Food services will be available for employees and students at the Campus Store Complex.
  • Water re-filling stations will be available for employees and students.
  • All parking lots will be available for use. Day passes are available for those with hybrid work schedules.
  • In restrooms avoid crowding, give others space, and wash hands remembering that extra exhaust fans and stall partitions unique to restrooms reduce the likelihood of disease transmission.