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Alumnus John Dokes Is a Renaissance Man

May 28, 2019

Photo of John Dokes

CSUN alumnus John Dokes ’92 (Marketing) was the kid who was interested in everything. He became the adult who has done almost everything.

There was a point in his youth when he wanted to become a TV weatherman, and a funny thing happened. Though he’s not reporting the weather on air, he’s now the Chief Content Officer and President of the AccuWeather Network.

He also loved comic books as a kid and became an executive at Marvel. He was passionate about singing and dancing in his youth. He worked for VH1. Add to that that he is an accomplished jazz vocalist who just released his third album.

“Being around that is very inspiring,” said his best friend and fellow CSUN alumnus Kenneth Wynn. “Sometimes it grabs and inspires you (to think), ‘OK, what are you doing?’ But it doesn’t come off with any arrogance or any sort of a pompous attitude. He’s looking at you like, ‘This is what I did, and you can do it too.’” Read more


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