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Outlook 2013: Top Secrets

Setting Your Work Week

Setting your work week allows others to view your availability when booking meetings. You only have to set your work week once.

  1. From Outlook, select the File tab, and then select the Options button.
  2. From the Outlook Options window, select Calendar. Enter your work week information. Don't forget, you can make changes to your Default Reminder settings and Add Holidays to your calendar from this window.
    Outlook Calendar Set Up

Duplicating Outlook Screens

Do you ever wish you could read your email while you look at your Outlook calendar? You can! Open duplicate screens of Outlook to view your email and/or calendar at the same time.

  1. From the Outlook navigation window, right-click the Calendar, People, Tasks, etc. buttons and choose Open in New Window. You can open a new window for any of these areas in Outlook.

    Outlook Open a New Window.

Using Drag and Drop

Create appointments, meetings, contacts and other items in an instant using the Drag and Drop feature in Outlook. 

Voting in Outlook

If you want to avoid getting several email responses to simple yes/no questions, consider using the voting option in Outlook. It can be used in a more advanced way to tally and capture responses to a selection of choices. Use the voting feature to help you save time and make simple things easier. Do you have a lunch menu you want people to choose from? Try the Outlook voting feature. 

Inserting Screenshots in an Email

Have you ever struggled with describing what you see on your screen? If you need a screen capture of what you see on your desktop, you don't have to rely on other software to help, use the screen clipping feature in Outlook to do all the describing for you.

  1. Select the New Email button.
  2. Enter information for your email. When ready to insert screen clipping, place cursor in Body of email.
  3. From the Insert tab, select the Screenshot button. Choose from the available windows. 
    NOTE: The list of available windows are windows that are open on your computer. It won't display any minimized windows.

    Insert Screenshot in Outlook.

Searching Messages

Are you spending too long searching for messages in an unorganized inbox? Use the Outlook quick search method to find messages from a sender or from a related conversation. Outlook will find and display all related messages, even if they are located in separate folders.

  1. To find an email from a particular sender, select the sender and right-click to display the menu. 
  2. From the menu, select Find Related.
  3. Choose either Messages in This Conversation (will group messages depending on Subject line) or Messages from Sender (will find all message from sender).
    Find related option in Outlook.

Adding Blogs Using RSS feeds

Use Outlook to deliver news articles and blog information right to your inbox. This saves time and eliminates the need to visit several websites for your daily download of information. 

Recall Sent Messages

Did you send an email by accident? Forget to add the attachment? Use the Outlook Recall feature to recall a sent message. Recall allows you to recall or replace a sent message. 

  1. Once the email is sent, go to the Sent folder.
  2. Double-click the sent email.
  3. From the Message tab, select the Actions button.
  4. Select the Recall this Message option.
  5. Read through the options for recalling the email and make your selections appropriately.
    NOTE: Users with an Exchange account can use recall, however the recall feature does not work on non-Exchange accounts.

    Recall This Message in Outlook.