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Daily Sundial Warns Students of Fraudulent Emails

August 28, 2013

Students work on a laptop

"CSUN’s Information Technology (IT) Technical Services are warning students and staff to be aware of viral messages that may appear in their CSUN email accounts.

Early this semester several faculty and staff members complained of receiving suspicious emails urging them to update their email accounts. The message directed them to a link where they could input their personal information like their passwords and username.

IT Technical Services posted an urgent message on their website warning students and faculty to 'never share [their] CSUN password or other confidential information by email'.

Chris Olsen, senior director of infrastructure services at IT Technical Services, said the number of spam emails that get sent out to faculty and student account varies depending on how realistic it looks and the number of responses it generates.

'These annoying emails come from multiple sources and are dangerous because [if] one of our CSUN students, faculty or staff responds to one of these messages and provides their password the spammer then uses the compromised CSUN email address and password to send emails to others,' Olsen said. 'And, sadly, the cycle continues.'"

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