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CSUN Students Take Second at International Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

August 7, 2014

A photo showing members of the CSUN Engineering team and the team's robot, Vader.

Photo Courtesy of CSUN Today

"California State University, Northridge engineering students took the second-place Grand Award at the International Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC), held in June in Michigan. CSUN’s team of mechanical, electrical and computer science engineering students came in second behind a group from Oakland University in Michigan and ahead of a team from Hosei University in Japan in the competition that tests the students’ ability to design and assemble a fully autonomous, unmanned ground vehicle — a mobile robot — that can navigate an obstacle course and perform assigned tasks.

Mechanical engineering professor C.T. Lin, who served as the team’s advisor, said the win was well deserved. He noted that in addition to regular team meetings, the students met for at least four hours every Sunday throughout the year to get their vehicle, dubbed 'VADER,' ready for the competition."

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